lol First Touhou post lol

Well, only after a few days have I written my first Touhou post. Yes, shame on me. And with that…

YES! YES! YES!  \o/

After playing much Perfect Cherry Blossom — Extra Mode — ReimuB, I finally beat my old high score of 580 million by another ten,  making a grand total of 594 million-something points. Now if I could just beat Phantasm, EoSD Extra, IN Extra, and PoFV Extra, I can be in gaming nirvana.

In other news, I recently got an assignment to create and deliver a speech on my role model. Yes, you can be pretty damn certain I’m gonna talk about Zun. Now how do I fit a bit of Extra Stage into 2 minutes worth of speech…?

Now I’ve been thinking, how do I attract more readers and such to this blog? I’ve thought of creating an ungodly blogroll with every single fucking blog listed on the thing. But nah… Comment whoring? Perhaps… but I never really write anything interesting, so maybe not. Either way, I should probably think of something to draw people here, such as blogging certain series. I’m tracking 7 as we speak, so source for content shouldn’t be too much problem. Now I just need to fix my writing style, as it COMPLETELY FUCKING SUCKS. Unless, of course, someone begs to disagree. But then, no one even reads this god-forsaken corner of the vast intarweb anyway, so I don’t even know what blogging is good for anymore.

Well, here’s to wishing I get more readers. Ahaha.


1 Response to “lol First Touhou post lol”

  1. December 21, 2008 at 3:28 am

    I’m aware that it’s a total waste of time for me to comment on this, but heh, isn’t it funny to see how much things can change in only a couple years? ;P

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