Coyote Ragtime Show Episode 3

Okay so a short write-up on Coyote Ragtime Show 3 because I can’t think of anything to write about:

Mister and the gang were able to escape from the 12 loligoth sisters (currently 11, May is missing after getting exploded by an RPG) last episode, but now, they’re pretty damn pissed, so the sisters go chase after them. After some wild flying Mister asks Franca if she still knows about “Swamp”, the right-hand man of Blues, Franca’s father. Blah blah blah, they screw all the fancy flying and dive into a river or something and disappear from the sisters’ radar. Soon after, Mister talks about some freaky story that doesn’t make any sense and apparently, the point he was trying to get to was that they and Swamp both have a common enemy — Marciano and her assassination squad. Then Franca remembers that Marciano herself had shot Franca’s father dead (oh, sob sob sob). And switch scenes to some old church with some guy singing some weird Gospel song. Soon after, we find out this funky old man is actually Swamp, and he’s pissed at why Mister gets to inherit Blues’s treasure instead of him. Blah blah, unimportant details (until later anyway). Swamp then confronts Mister and immediately, they pull out their guns (I like the way they think) and BANG! But wait, they both didn’t die? Apparently, some random goon got in the church and in a matter of seconds, ungodly amounts of bullets are fired through every single hole, crevice, nook, and yes, even a cranny; hell, grenades are all tossed about, leaving the church in ruins, Mister and Swamp joining forces to look for Blues’s Treasure, and Swamp’s goons to fix the craphole formerly known as a church. In the end, Mister talks more about that story he mentioned, blah blah… the end.

So in this episode, we are treated to two magnificent fights: One on air, and one on land. What I definitely love about this series is that it does not spare a single bullet. Every shot Mister fires, a guy gets shot. Most scenes are also done quite smoothly — in particular, the air battle. The ships move somewhat smoothly (well, CG is CG) and every vehicle seems to be armed with at least a bazillion bullets to kill with (not that any will actually hit, those blind fools…).

In closing, I’d have to say that this episode is yet another brilliant episode to add to the show’s already impressive record. We’ll just have to see how it plays out ’till the end.


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