Saimoe 2006

As you might know, the Saimoe 2006 tournament is going on right now, and competition is fierce.

*note: almost all of what I’m saying about who’s going to win is pure speculation*

On one end, we have a good number of possible finalists, like Shana, Suiseiseki (desu), Mikuru, or any of the Tsukamoto sisters. In the other block, there’s probably a couple of clear-cut winners. Namely Haruhi, Yuki, and Eri. Of course, the only way we’ll ever find out is, with much anticipation, to watch the next few matches. And may the most moé girl win!

http://saimoe.hp.infoseek.co.jp Official site
http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/list/tags/saimoe A bunch of images, each being an update of the other, showing the results of the rounds in English. Definitely useful.

PS: I just went through my referrers, and I found a rather peculiar one. Apparently, someone went to excite.co.jp’s translator and viewed my blog in Japanese, as seen here. I… won’t even ask.
Also, I found out the someone from another animeblog — a Filipino like me, no less — referred someone to this little corner of the web. Grr, you get hosting from animeblogger, grr…
I also had a look at the search keywords that people used on Google or whatever to get here, and among the more interesting ones were:
– “dna game anime”
– “negima beats”
– “yogurting”
– “fucker fighter”

(Yeah, I fail at making bullets. Someone please tell me how.)

So I can assume that people want more Yogurting, more game-anime, and fighters that fuck.
Well, I can’t exactly talk about Yogurting now, since I kinda quit. Game / anime? yes, I will talk about that stuff. No “fucking fighters”, but I will talk about eroge — that has fucking. And I might talk about some fighting games, but still mostly shmups.

So, well, I should end this entry now.

PS: I should update my blogroll soon…

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