Local Anime Scene gets cues from Fansubbers.

Just a couple months ago, Animax-Asia decided to add some rather popular series to its lineup of (horribly dubbed) anime. Honey and Clover (YES), Paradise Kiss, and Kamichu!.

As for my opinion on this, I think it’s really good that Animax is grabbing these more recent (read: really good) titles and releasing them to the general public. More people will be exposed to what anime can, and should be — not just what it is. Of course, I’m talking about those kinds of stereotypes, “anime is porn”, “every girl has XBOXHUEG boobs”, “it’s just senseless fighting”, “there’s no intelligence in it”, “anime is mindless blather”, to name a few. Just these few series can show some of the better sides of anime, like slice of life, like drama, like happy moe goodness.

Of course, with any (and all) good things, comes a little string attached; a little price to pay. In this case, we have to (probably) bear with English dubs. And well, Animax-Asia, the Philippines, in particular, is pretty well known for badly dubbed stuff. I mean, look at GTO’s dub. If you don’t cry from the voice acting, then go and kill yourself — you are the most apathetic person EVER.

Still, maybe, just maybe, I’ll watch it (referring to H&C, because that’s the only one whose subbed version I saw as well). Just for the heck of it.

That channel :V


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