Fall Season Reviews: Part 3, some other stuff

My head really hurts right now, so I’ll keep the reviews short.

4. Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto

Okay, I’ll say this flat out:

This show bored me to death.

That said, I’m guessing this show was some period drama with swordfighting and stuff, but goddamn, it so freakin’ long to do anything that by 10 minutes in, I gathered the last fragments of my sanity and closed VLC player.

It does win the second best title for this season though. First is for Kanon.

5. D.Gray-man

Hmm… mixed feelings about this one. The show in itself was pretty okay; the protagonist, Allen (or was that Allan? it’s been 2 weeks since I watched it :V), and the bad guy was introduced. His arm, apparently, exorcises Akuma*, which are bad, bad things. I forgot a whole lot of stuff, but I distinctly remember that he saves a hawt policewoman.

The main beef I have with this is the bad guy, because he looks so ridiculously stupid, that I can’t take this guy seriously. I mean, really, would you take a fat guy with a giant top hat and a never-fading smile on a mouth which touches the floor seriously? Neither can I. :V

IMO, this show is somewhere just a bit above average.

6. Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge

“The spiritual successor of Ouran”, is what some call this, but is it?

I didn’t really find it “good” in a sense, but some, and I mean very few, scenes were quite amusing. In particular, the cooking scene, because I love fish mangling.

Animation is… just okay. The art style is really, really annoying though, because all the guys look like girls :V Even whatshername looks more like a boy.

I’m guessing I’ll just get the entire series, but never watch it.

7. Pumpkin Scissors

I’ll just say this once: The OP is the best second best one this season. Takahashi Youko just has this power behind her voice that makes her really stand out from most other artists.

Anyways, the show is by Gonzo, so good (or bad) things are to be expected. Animation was pretty good, and it has a decent backstory for it. I’m guessing that the show will go something like, about half the season is some character building, to know their backstories and stuff a bit more, and during this time, they’ll present some minor problems and such, while building up a bigger plot, which will get deeper as they go, and they finally encounter the mastermind by the end of the show, and in typical fashion, join up with allies and kick their ass.

Pretty high priority on my list of shows, if only because I love anime with guns and tanks.

Phew. Well then, the other stuff… Let’s see…

Oh, firstly, FireFox 2.0 is out! Get it because it is FUCKING SHINY. And it doesn’t leak like a sieve much now. Not only that, it even has a spell checker that corercts erors in yuor seplling! That, and it switches back to the last window you were looking at, and not the last one on the list. Perfect for browsing porn!

Next, is a short, one-statement rant on the .flac format, and why mp3 is superior.

FLAC may be lossless, but I would rather lose audio quality rather than lose three to four times the disk space. That said, I wish people would at least encode their releases in both .mp3 and .flac to save us some trouble.

Finally, please go and click on the blogs listed on the blogroll at the side. It’s not like you’re unleashing a boatload of spam and shit on yourself, and it nets me some referral points to those said blogs so I can pop up on their blogroll too! They make for a good read as well, so please click~

And someone mentioned that comment whoring on blogs works in getting people to visit your blog. Guess what, it’s true!

blog_whose_name_I_probably_won’t_mention.com/wp-admin/index… – 2
other_blog.com/?p=423 – 1

Holy shit! That’s 3 more visits! If I comment whore 100 more blogs, that’s about 200 more visits!

So, yeah, click them blogroll links dammit.

edit: far too cute. NSFW.


1 Response to “Fall Season Reviews: Part 3, some other stuff”

  1. April 13, 2007 at 11:57 am

    Bakumatsu also didn’t appeal to me. I like samurai anime but the magic stuff turned me off. By the way nice site, i’m also an anime pinoy blogger^_^

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