Kanon 05: 魔物たちの小夜曲 ~serenade~

Okay, I normally don’t write about individual episodes often, but this one was far too good to pass up.

Short summary (based off my non-existent knowledge in Japanese mixed with comprehension):

Yuuichi talks with Mai about something and she says she’s one who slays demons (?) or something like that. Yuuichi gets thwacked by something and hits the wall while Mai (presumably) slashes some invisible thing. Yuuichi gives Nayuki her notebook back and goes to take a bath because it’s cold. He asks himself what that was all about (or something >_>) and when he finally comes in the bath, hello- Makoto is there. Instead of the usual “Eep, it was an accident, I’ll come back later.”, it goes something like:

Yuuichi: “Ah-. ”

*long silence*

Yuuichi: “Well, I’ll just come in and join!”

Obviously, Makoto screams and throws shampoo, the rubber duck, and the little tub at his face. Yuuichi then proceeds to take her place in the bath. Afterwards, he finds Makoto outside shivering, and challenges her to say a tongue twister (I forgot what it was exactly, but it meant “Demon Slayer” in English). While lying in bed, Yuuichi thinks about what Mai was talking about (that she was a Demon Slayer) and notices that Makoto is nearby, with her sneezing giving her away. Apparently, she’s up to another of her pranks (involving God knows what). He catches her, and instead of more payback, he simply carries her back to her room. When Makoto sees Yuuichi’s concern for her when he tells her to rest (because she might get a cold or something? I dunno >_>), she goes to sleep.

The next morning, Yuuichi goes to eat breakfast, and after about a minute, realizes that Ayu is there eating breakfast with them. Akiko says that it was simply a coincidence because they met just outside the house. After eating, Ayu leaves and a really, really sleepy Nayuki pops up. So sleepy in fact, that she falls asleep while standing up. Throughout the day, she seems to be sleepy (for some reason or another. must be in the blood.) — sleeping in class, and elsewhere.

Soon after, Yuuichi decides to go to Mai to know more about what last night was all about. She apparently wouldn’t talk about it (I guess >_>) and Sayuri pops up. She invites him to eat lunch with her and Mai, and he gladly agrees. They go to the place near the roof (I think :V) and Sayuri spreads out a little mat for them to eat on. Yuuichi compliments Sayuri on how good her cooking is, then asks Mai what she wants to eat. She asked for the tamagoyaki (which, I think, is sweetened egg omelette) and he gives her some. He then pulls all the food to him and asks her what she wants to eat. She asks for the octopus weiners (which we’ve all probably seen in a bento before) and he asks her if she likes octopus and weiners, and if she hates octopus or something. Because of this, Sayuri says that Yuuichi is quite an interesting person.

When Yuuichi leaves, he notices that Shiori is outside once again. He goes over to talk to her, and does so exactly. Yuuichi then proceeds to ask her what her full name was, and of course “Naisho desu” (“it’s a secret”, or something to that extent). She tells him that “Shiori” is okay, and he then tells her to call him “Onii-chan”. He asks her how her cold is (and an exchange of words takes place, most of which I don’t understand). Yuuichi tells her to take care of herself and pats her on the head, which leads Shiori to comment that Yuuichi is a lot like a big brother. She also says that he is an interesting person. Out of the blue, she asks “Yuuichi (-san), do you like snow?”. She proceeds to talk about how much she likes it and says some stuff about a 10-meter high snowman (or something). When she sneezes, Yuuichi tells her that she really should go home.

On his way back home, he bumps into Makoto and (lol) tells her to buy some ero-hon* and even says that it’s very waku-waku, or exciting (okay, this part, I’m not sure of). She enthusiastically agrees (why? I do not know.). Fast forward to when Yuuichi is in his room. Makoto screams “Yuuichi!!!” and barges into the room, screaming her head off about the ero-hon. Her focus then shifts over to the nikuman (pork bun) in Yuuichi’s hand and, after smelling it, wants some too. She notices the manga he’s reading too (whose title is a wonderful joke of Key) and wants some of that too. Zoom on later into the day (sometime at 5 pm), Yuuichi pops into Makoto’s room and bam, a mountain of manga and a box of nikuman. She is so engrossed in the manga that Yuuichi just goes over and helps himself to some of the nikuman. A few minutes later, Makoto barges in again and screams about her stolen nikuman. Akiko comes and asks where the tofu she asked Makoto to buy is. After a bit of chat, they find out Makoto used the tofu money for manga and her pork buns. Yuuichi yells at Makoto for using the food money, and Akiko jumps in tells Yuuichi that she’ll take care of that. Yuuichi backs off when he notices that Makoto looked slightly depressed. Afterwards, Yuuichi and Akiko have a short exchange (which I honestly couldn’t comprehend). Finally, Akiko says that dinner would be ready.

Later, Nayuki comes home just when Yuuichi leaves to go to school (to question Mai once more). At school, Yuuichi tries to initiate a bit of a conversation (which ends quickly) and gives Mai a store-bought onigiri (I think). Suddenly, something shows up right behind Yuuichi, but luckily, Mai stabs the blanket off and reveals that it was just Makoto. She gets all psyched out, thinking the she was about to die, and says some stuff to Yuuichi about that girl (Mai). Yuuichi tells her to go home, but she is too scared to do it, so Yuuichi bids Mai goodbye and just as he’s about to leave, Mai gives Yuuichi a parting message. “Take care of that girl.” Makoto tells Yuuichi to hurry and and go, and *fade to credits*.

Boy, that took me 2 hours to write, re-watching the episode about 3 times over to get most of it.

Anyways, I just loved two scenes in particular: the bathing scene, and the ero-hon* scene. Both simply because they were seriously funny. Funnier than Excel Saga. /fanboyism

Well, a good episode all-in-all. It seems that KyoAni will focus on Makoto and Mai’s arcs first, so here’s to that! *raises his cup of gin*

* – ero = porn, hon = book. put them together and…

and with that, *out*

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