BL & SnS

I just love how the titles have the perfect acronyms. Boy’s Love and Shakugan no Shana. (You’d get it if you watch Itadaki no Hecate-tan.)

Unfortunately, I’m not gonna talk about them. I’m talking about Black Lagoon (and the Second Barrage) and Soukou no Strain (one of the least blogged series this fall).

Firstly, Black Lagoon.

When I first heard about this series, sometime when the fifteenth episode of the second season was airing, I was skeptical about how good it was. After seeing the second episode, I was hooked. [SPOILERS, I guess :V] The premise is this: a Japanese businessman, Rokuro Okajima, is sent to the south seas to give a data disc to someone from their company. Unfortunately, during his trip, he and the ship’s crew are attacked by pirates. He, along with the data disc, is taken; the data disc to be delivered to Balalaika, the head of Hotel Moscow, the Russian Mafia in Thailand, and one of the crew make Rokuro their hostage. Eventually, Rokuro finds out that he is dead. His company has abandoned him (for reasons to be stated in the show/manga). Fast forward to the end of episode two. Instead of returning to his normal life in Japan, he joins Lagoon company, the group of pirates, and takes up his new name, Rock. [/SPOILERS]

Okay, that was one shitty way to make a premise. Shame on me :V

Either way, this show is definitely recommended for those who just love gunfights and action.

now.. SnS

It was 1 am, I was [being forced] to go and sleep, I go on to Tosho and think to myself, “Might as well grab any shows before I sleep.” I scroll down and see the words, “[Shinsen-Subs] S-Strain 01”, and I shrug my shoulders and open the torrent. 6 hours later, I open Realplayer and begin watching it. I see a little girl, probably about 10 years old, on a field of grass, saying goodbye to her brother, and again, I think to myself, “Oh dear, this’ll probably be some typical crap again…” Another 23 minutes later, I am just sitting there, thinking, scrutinizing the show, reliving the past 24 minutes of my life within that moment. Suddenly I add this show to the list of anime to be regularly watched and followed.

Okay, that was one fucking long introduction, and I apologize for making you, the unlucky stranger, to read it.

So Soukou no Strain is this show which has only been blogged about by around two to four people, yet it’s actually pretty damn good. The animation is pretty good, though of course nowhere near Kanon quality, yet better than a good number of shows currently airing. The CG mecha, which I assumed would look like ass, was actually really cool-looking. The Strains’ swords have this really cool glow. Fanservice is surprisingly (or perhaps not so surprisingly) quite heavy, throwing us a pair of oppai + nipples right in the OP of the show. The animation was done by studio Fantasia, which, to be honest, I’ve never really heard of, asides from Stratos 4. It’s supposed to be a 13-episode long series, which in my book, is good. I make it a policy that shows longer than 50 episodes are instantly no-watches. Yes, this includes FMA, which I will never, ever watch in my entire life. Screw you FMA fanboys :V . All-in-all, a good series which any mecha fan should watch (intead of GUNDAM-iro no Olynsis).


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