As probably everyone knows by now, nnl has (finally) released the “Wind -a breath of heart-” English patch just last February 7. I was actually busy grabbing the patch and acquiring a copy of the game (*ahem*), so I never really got around to writing about it.
The game is somewhat good right now, despite what reviews and such say, though it’s probably because of the graphics (which are good, except the fact that just about every single damn woman has a fucking ahoge, but ahoges are hot anyway), and the fact that this is the third “commercial” Visual Novel I’ve ever played (second, if you don’t count Tsukihime).
Sound is kinda good, but the instrumentation makes it sound kinda meh. Story, as far as I’m concerned, is actually kinda cliche-ish, but it doesn’t really matter because the build-up and execution is what’s more important for me.
And no, I’ve only scraped the surface of the game; ecchi scenes will probably not come in some time.

Ahh~~~ Moeeeee~~~~

Anime stuffs:
Well, let’s see…

KyouSora 05 – Kuu is actually a 絶対天使! (or a Nofbyhgr Natry. rot13’d) Holy Shite!, not shit. Note the difference.
Also, this gets me really excited about what the next episode will bring.

Hidamari Sketch 01 – It’d have been funnier if she spelled it as “Love and Piss”.

Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! 01-03 – Massugu GO!

Many thanks to Novastorm, Random Curiosity, and Basugasu Bakuhatsu Anime Blog (it takes me over 5 seconds to type that. orz)
I need to get a decent computer to take screenshots… orz

I want the laptop.

Edit3\\: I actually edited 3 times for spelling errors and text getting cut off. ahaha.
Edit5\\: Okay, I suck at formatting.

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