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Clannad TV Series by Kyoto Animation


Yeah, so I guess everyone now knows that Clannad’s gonna be done by none other that Kyoto Animation. Seems like they’ve been animating Key stuff non-stop now, ever since Air and Kanon were such huge successes. Also, they’ve been continuously kicking Toei in the nuts with regards to works. (eg: Air TV vs Air the Movie, Kanon 2006 vs Kanon 2002, Clannad TV vs Clannad the Movie)

According to the staff list, Ishihara Tatsuya, the director of Air, Haruhi and Kanon, will be the director for this series as well. If the general success of the aforementioned series is any indication, we are in for one hell of a Spring 2008 (made up date)

Manga-Maid Cafe opens in Philippines

This is what the front is supposed to look like. Pretty decent-looking, at the least.

Uh, yeah. Apparently, a Manga-Maid Cafe just opened in Makati a month or two ago. I am so there after Japanese class.

Philippines’ television series are stealing ideas

This is a picture of the Filipino adaptation of Lupin III. Yes, my eyes bleed too.

And I’d have to agree with bluemist on the fact that our country’s television is mostly made of rip-offs of other original source material, which is one of the reasons why I don’t watch TV anymore. Except the Food Network, the news, and some other stuff.


Press butan, recieve wallpaper.

Finally (I forgot to talk about this earlier orz), now that Kanon 24 has finished airing, Kanon 2006 is officially over.
It’s funny that Kanon, before it ever aired (I’m talking the good, 2006 one. Not the XBOXHUEGCHIN 2002 one.), was continuously hated by Haruhi-ists, including yours truly (though I’m not one anymore. I’m a Kanontard now, like Tsubaki.). Now it’s like, considered one of the best anime series ever. I guess that KyoAni’s just that good.

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