Best April Fool’s Ever.

As I write this, my internet isn’t functioning right. Just assume this entry was posted on a Monday.

Yesterday, I had one hell of a Sunday. First out of two things, I went to the Otaku-zine ‘fest ’07. It was pretty small for a convention, compared to most ones. This probably had an attendance of no more than a little over a thousand, including those who left early (as opposed to ones with five-digit-amounts of people who attended) but goddamn, it was hot, even with the air conditioning on.

Another huge difference is that this didn’t have a lot of booths, nor did it have a “dealer’s room”. Basically, all the booths were either one of two things: corporate sponsors (like Level Up Games, ECS Elitegroup, and Yakult, of all things) or anime merchandise-related shops (who sold a lot of fake or Chinese-language merchandise, courtesy of China / Hong Kong, or sold fansubs and scanlations on CDs and DVDs. Shame on them, because they are free lol). The Level Up booth had like, twenty or so laptops all running their MMOs and such. Yakult had free Yakult (duh) and ECS basically promoted their motherboards and crap. Blue also promoted laptops, but they sucked for not having a gig of RAM. There were a few booths that were an exception though. One was this jousting booth thing where you stood on small stools (around one and a half to two feet in diameter) and you poked each other with giant sticks ’til everyone but you fell off. Not too much fun for me, but I guess some others would say otherwise. Another was this Poring Sumo booth where you put on a big fat poring suit and bumped the hell out of one another. Doesn’t sound too good either, but then I went alone anyway, so there wasn’t anyone to go with. Ahaha.

Finally, no con would be complete without the obligatory cosplay booth and good God, there were an assload of people who joined (including yours truly). Because I joined, I wasn’t able to take pictures during the event (and I couldn’t anyway because it was fucking crowded. Exactly 211 people did an individual cosplay, including but not restricted to: 5 Suzumiya Haruhi’s, 2 Fujioka Haruhi’s, 3 Suigintou’s, 4 Amane Misa’s, 3 L’s, 3 Yagami Light’s, and 2 Kyon’s (lol, that’s me, but that other Kyon had a blazer. That bastard.). Also, being my first time to cosplay, I wasn’t gonna do a super elaborate costume, unlike the guy who did Captain Hitsugayaorwhateverhisnamewas from Bleach, who wrapped hundreds of light blue-painted cones around himself to form wings and a tail, as well as suspending a giant purple cross in the air between them.

The pictures’ll be uploaded sometime or another, depending on when my internet gets fixed.

Also, I’m not on those pictures. Yay for internet anonymity.

Much of the event wasn’t too interesting; a lot of the events were actually eating contests (lol, I guess Filipinos like to eat?) though there was a karaoke contest (a standard) and drawing contest as well. Someone actually drew a Chuugoku and won a prize. I met and made some friends who played Touhou too. Yay for Touhou.

Finally, as for what I got during the event, I bought this premium metal card of Lemmy Miyauchi from ToHeart. No idea who she is, but she’s cute. Plus, I got it for a steal too, for like, less than two USD.

As for how it ended, well, there was a raffle but I didn’t win anything. The guys at O’zine also let people take those tarpoline banners suspending from the ceiling for free too. I was gonna get that Maburaho banner (only because the character design was from Co2A) but someone ripped it down before I did. That bastard. Afterwards, the karaoke went on late into the night, or rather, up ’til ten because the mall had to close already. Ahaha.

And that’s how the day went. EXCEPT FOR ONE LAST THING.

On sometime 1 am in Japan, which is basically 12 midnight here, NANOHA STRIKERS AIRED.
Unfortunately, I was so beat from the cosplay I couldn’t do a Lyrical Party like Dragnfly did with his friends.

Today, I finally watched a 500-megabyte low quality rip. It played at like, 2.5 mbps or something, but that was because Moy said the sound was completely uncompressed. Yay for encoding.

It needed moar Fate, Hayate and Nanoha and Reiforce Zwei, but after such a long time of no Nanoha, this is most welcome. Now I have a reason to delete Death Note off my hard drive! Ahaha! (someone’s gonna kill me for saying that.)

Anyway, this entry’s getting way too long for someone like me to write so I guess I’ll cut it off now.


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