OH! holly sshit!

There were a ton of April Fool’s jokes several days ago, including jpmeyer‘s kicking Hinano out, bluemist‘s hatred of anime, and Tokyotosho getting bought out by ADV.

By far though, the most awesome April Fool’s joke has got to be minori‘s. I mean, this picture is just plain awesome.


Anyways, onto impressions of some other Spring ’07 shows…

Hayate no Gotoku! aka: Hayate the Combat Butler


It went pretty good; the first episode was more or less faithful to the manga and the OP was by KOTOKO! You can’t go wrong with that right? There were some cost-cutting shots I spotted though, like when someone talks behind someone else, thus not needing them to animate the mouth’s movement. I do hope they put that money someplace where it’ll be put to good use, like when [spoiler]Hayate uses a heavy machinegun to blow up a robot [spoiler], assuming they even put that there.

and… that’s actually it. My computer can’t play those h264 and x264 encodes people are putting out so I’m stuck with nothing but StrikerS. Well, it’s technically not a bad thing anyway, I don’t look forward to a lot of new shows this spring.

Additionally, to those guys in Asia:
Animax-Asia is apparently holding some contest to write a script, novel or to create a comic that you’ll submit to them, and the regional winners get $2,000 USD (OMG Enough for me to get a kickass new desktop) and the grand prize winner gets a million yen, or about $18,000. Anyone who wants to join?

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