animu post again

sola 01:

Wow, Yorito is a total soraphile indeed. Hell, I bet he’d rather fap to a cloud than to a loliyuriincest orgy. It also surprised me that they threw in a “I can see your pantsu” joke, and they didn’t show the panties. Yay for no fanservice. Also, even though I already knew the last minute of the show was filled with WTF, I still went WTF. It’s like it’s totally unrelated to the rest of the show, save for the characters.
Definitely will keep watching, if only because it was written by someone from Key.
Also, I find it amusing that there’s an iced tea brand named Sola here.

Nagasarete Airantou 01-02:

I read three volumes of the manga, and it’s been kinda faithful, as far as I can see. Noticeably, the anime’s art style is smoother compared to the manga’s. Like, hair, especially.
Probably will watch as well; everyone needs a bit of slapstick to laugh at.

Hidamari Sketch 06:

Awesome as always.
( X ‘__________________________________’ )

Gintama 50:

I watched this solely on the fact that I read about it on moyism. I have no clue whether or not the series is really awesome, but the screencap alone proves that it’s at least worth a look.
I’ll probably take a gander at its earlier episodes when I get the chance.

Murder Princess 01:

Interesting OVA; it’s got quite a bit of action, and Dominokov’s scythe/motorbike thing is cool. Even though it’s probably set sometime in the middle ages, yet you’ve got robot lolis and transforming bikes, this show doesn’t really take itself too seriously. Otherwise, you’d have bearded old men talking in Ye Olde English.

Hayate no Gotoku! 01-02:

I was totally psyched when I heard there was an anime being made, so I watched it (duh). Looks pretty decent and while there’s a lot of humor that didn’t make it from the manga, they at least made up for it by putting more references to other stuff. Like Black Lagoon and One Piece.
Probably one of this season’s must-watch titles.

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS 02:

Not as action-oriented as the last episode, but it wins for having the Wolkenritter in there. Yay Vita~ That Elio and Caro / Kyaro scene was totally cliche though, but I guess it’s forgiveable. Also, CARDICHE is awesome. Seems like the next episode’s gonna be really interesting though; just… five more hours before this torrent finishes. Damn my slooooow internet.

Anime aside, I’ve apparently applied for a job over the summer, and… in two days’ time, I will be bagging groceries at a supermarket for minimum wage. orz

Anyways, I guess that’s it.


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