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blog up yay

Apparently, my friend’s host disabled php for a while, which led to the blog going down. It just got back up today, and after many tries to manually re-code the php of the files that got messed up with wp-cache, I gave up and decided to just totally re-install WordPress. It’s awesome that way because if you massively screw up, as long as you got stuff backed up, it’s alright (not that it’s encouraged, of course).

Anyway, woo, it’s back up now. Yay.


blog down orz

Yeah, if you’ve tried to get there anytime since yesterday, you’ll come up with some shite like this:


I’m really frustrated too, as I can’t, for the life of me, find out how to solve this problem. I’ve asked around, and I found out that generally speaking, I need shell access to the host, which I don’t have (since my friend is simply lending me space). As of this time, I can’t contact him, I’ve finally been able to ask him and he said that he’s experiencing the same thing too, so I guess it’s server issues. For now, this will be my current blog. Again.

At least I can warn other peple to never use wp-cache unless the blog really needs it, and they know what they’re doing, and have shell access :V

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