Why Most People Suck In Arcades or, I Had Nothing Else To Write About So I Wrote This

Every Saturday and/or Sunday, I always venture into an arcade for a good one to two hours, and in the time I’ve spent there, I have noticed one painfully, glaringly obvious fact: People Suck.

By the way, arcades are never this empty, except during opening and closing.

Nearly half the time someone plays, it’s some whiny little kid with his (it’s almost never a her anyway) loaded parents, who have hundreds loaded onto their cards/pockets at any given time. Those same kids that grab the HotD4 and TC4 guns and continuously hold them sideways (like a gangsta), smack them onto the plexiglass sheets and stomp on the foot pedals. The same kids that have Gold or Platinum Powercards because they spend 200 on a single Time Crisis 4 game. These people, which would probably fall under the “ignorant masses” are what arcade gamers are not supposed to be like. Arcades have toned down difficulties to meet their needs and this results in a really watered down experience for a lot of the more skilled folk out there.

Just a few moments ago though, I read this article on “arcade culture” from insomnia.ac and it just helped me realize just why much of the locals here suck at the arcade.

Much of the article was made up of introducing and expounding on the unwritten “One-Credit-Clear rule” that arcades, mostly the ones in Japan, introduced. The essence of what I got was basically that people (should) never, ever continue in an arcade because logically, by continuing, one does two rather stupid things to himself: a) because he lacked the skills to progress that person will end up losing more money by continually dying, and b) denies himself from improving skills because he just bought his way through the game.

4 barricade icons? How insulting.

Anyway, the reason why people here (and in many other places) suck is because of their failure to adhere to the basic philisophy of “1CC”. Things like consoles and emulators, in my opinion, are the greatest source of this. The latter runs arcade games on freeplay, essentially going against the entire idea of not continuing, while the former contains games so god-forsakeningly easy that once people got used to their difficulty levels, going to the arcade to 1CC Time Crisis 4 was just, perhaps, asking for the impossible. For them, at least.

Oh, what I would give for a Mushihimesama cabinet…

Another consequence of the consoles’ appearances is the near-death of most skill-based games (outside of Japan, Korea, and some other places). The introduction of the Role-Playing-Game genre (those that require time, not skill, to finish) and the toning down of difficulty for games, caused shoot ’em ups and many other genres to either become extinct or be almost exclusively published and distributed in Japan, but I digress.

Perhaps, as the article speculates, there will come a time when skill-based games will truly be looked up to once again. Unfortunately, that time is not now.

4 Responses to “Why Most People Suck In Arcades or, I Had Nothing Else To Write About So I Wrote This”

  1. November 5, 2007 at 6:18 pm

    Some RPG require skill. Or atleast reaction. Take some battles in Paper Mario and try to get a nice long jumping session there or get Ar Tonelico 2 where the battles are all about reaction.

    High levels are a nice boost in RPGs, but then again, if you´re not at maxlvl and fighting a lvl 1 enemy some strategy is required, usually.

    Or take Disgaea, sure pummel your way to lvl 9999 a couple of times and add all reincarnation points to one stat and you´re basically unstoppable, but then again, since it takes a long time to get there. Everything is about strategy untill you do get there, either that or just overwhelm the adversary with pure strength.

    My take? I choose to use strategy. Gives me more headaches sure but way more fun.

    So partly I agree with you, and partly I don´t.

  2. 2 westbluef
    November 5, 2007 at 8:28 pm


    I think the type of RPG he is referring to are MMOs .In our country most of the people here would spend about 100-500 php in here to continue playing and spend about 300-1500 php on buying a high level character.

    and nice article zeroblade but i’d like to add that other are saying that that arcades are to “old” for them.

  3. November 9, 2007 at 9:49 pm

    manga, that’s true, but the ease of console games in general is partly to blame too.
    westbluef, yeah, a lot of people here are MMO freaks, but it’s just a clickfest with no real development in abilities. As for the people who say arcades are too “old” for them, they clearly haven’t experienced the thrill of playing in one, albeit less-than-well maintained ones here.

  4. 4 Fredrick2003
    February 16, 2009 at 12:57 am

    This article is 100% true. And while I realize the RPGs are not skill based, I do love Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X alot, as cliche as that is…

    I worked in an arcade for a short period of time before it closed, and I would see this all the time. I saw a group of two guys spend $25 getting to the end of House of the Dead 2 and then proclaiming how they were the best at the game. Seriously what the hell is that? When that happens I feel the need to put people in their place by 1 ccing the game.

    Also worth mentioning is that some people do not take games seriously, like at all. I am talking about families of 4 who get on the Wangan Midnight/Daytona USA machines and are more excited about “lol i m drive kar!!” than actually learning how to drive properly.

    Naturally, whenever you beat someone in a fighting game or other VS type game, you are a nerd and have no life. But when they win, they are full of themselves.

    Nice picture of Time Crisis 4 with 4 barrier icons, I’ve never seen that many. Must be very easy difficulty or something.

    This post has nothing new to say you just hit a nerve with this article 🙂

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