Koharubiyori – 01

Today, I finally talk about anime. For real.


The show’s premise is basically, “Otaku buys maid robot”. The guy and robot part kinda sorta reminded me of Chobits, the similarities end there. Instead of going for a much more serious robot-love sort of story, it’s essentially very, very perverted slapstick comedy. Well, as of now, anyway (though it’s not as if I have a problem with that).


The episode starts out with a prologue on how our protagonist, Takaya Murase, gets a maid robot. The show is set in a wonderful, wonderful future where there are robots with all sorts of personalities like tsundere and yandere. A particular one, lying on a couch for some unknown reason, pulls Takaya’s sleeve and calls him “My Master”. This moves him enough to have him buy her (what a loaded bastard).

Unfortunately, any further than this point is totally, completely not safe for work, so beware.


The OP has one of those moe overload type songs. Insert another hundred risque shots and there you have it.

The episode itself is divided into three smaller episodes, roughly 9 minutes each.


Don’t Look At Me Like I’m a Pig

Takaya gets his robot shipped, and naturally, she’s naked. Cue boobs scenes and lots of fidgeting around with Takaya’s maid uniform for her. He gets knocked out from all the ruckus and when he wakes up, he discovers his room has been completely purged of all his otaku stuff; figures, in particular. He then gets mad at her a bit, but then begins to dress her up in a miko outfit. She runs away out of disappointment that her master’s a doll-freak, but not before changing back into her maid clothes. She wanders back to the store where she came from, but doesn’t know where to go. As always, Takaya shows up and asks her to come back, because even though she threw away his figures, she’s the only one he needs. He calls her Yui, as it was a name he came up “just for her”. Moved by this, Yui goes back with him, only to discover his room fully stocked with figures once again (damn, he’s fast). In the end, she pouts because she’s just like one of his dolls, and proceeds to take her head off and put it on a pot (what).


Please Don’t Make Me Do Any More

A large breasted girl whose boobs seem to jiggle on their own and a little girl in a park are shown. Switch back to Yui and Takaya; Yui’s overjoyed that they’re going out, because she won’t get dressed up over and over at Takaya’s place, though she’s already wearing the clothes Takaya picked for her anyway. Cut back to the little girl. The well endowed woman asks the little girl who is lost in the park if she’s lost, but she ignores her. Boob girl then goes around pretending that she’s a bunny or something. Damn it’s retard moe all over again. Anyway, Takaya and Yui see the couple in the park and, out of nowhere, a pair of (flat-chested) miko sisters pop up and summon, of all things, a giant octopus-thing, which proceeds to tentacle rape (in the worksafe way) the woman with huge boobs. Takaya goes to help the little girl, whose mom is apparently lost. Her stomach growls, and, shyly, she introduces herself as Ayumi Hagiwara. While Yui smiles at Ayumi, Ayumi ignores Yui. The boob girl, dripping with uh, condensed milk, introduces herself as Minori Sumitomo. She suggests that they go to the cafe where she works in for a bite, which they do. At the cafe, Takaya talks about the cafe’s uniform, and the owner, Minori’s dad, butts in the conversation, proudly stating that he’s always wanted to run a cafe with these kinds of costumes since he was little. Takaya and the dad then talk about costumes and complement each other on how they dressed up Minori and Yui, respectively. Tetsushi Sumitomo, Minori’s dad, and Takaya then hold a costume battle, draws a whole lot of otaku. Enough to press themselves up the shop windows. Somehow, Ayumi’s mom gets included in the mix, and they are reunited. Kanae, Ayumi’s mom, Takaya, and even Ayumi herself all want to work in the cafe now while Ayumi, Kanae, and Minori get all dere-dere with Takaya.


My Breasts Don’t Produce Milk

Minori and Yui are going on about how cute a baby is. Minori’s relatives are moving, so she was asked to take care of him. Minori asks what happened to Takaya, to which Yui answers that he’s out shopping. They continue to play around with the baby, but unfortunately, Tetsushi asks if Minori can help out in the shop, so Yui volunteers to babysit. As she walks away to do the laundry while the baby sleeps, he suddenly wakes up. Takaya calls to tell her that he’ll be home late, and Yui failed to tell him about the situation. Not knowing what to do, Yui downloads babysitting data from a Maid Works satellite, though thanks to the baby relieving himself on her face, she malfunctions and loses the said data (apparently, the shop owner didn’t waterproof her). Afraid of being thrown away by Takaya, she gathers her will… and proceeds to wear a rather revealing pair of bloomers and an adult-sized bib, which Takaya had in storage. As she cradles the baby in her arms, the baby start sucking her breasts, but, as a robot, she can’t produce breast milk, though that didn’t seem to be a problem for the baby. That lucky bastard. As this goes on, Takaya decides to come home earlier afer all. Back to Yui; after a bit of moaning her and there, the baby’s finally sucking the bottle of milk but he is still… disrobed from the waist down, so when Yui looks at the baby’s p0n0s, she wonders what it is. After a lot of prodding, she concludes that it’s a small elephant. Rawr. Cue insert song with random happy shots of Yui and the baby. Takaya comes home, and is surprised by the outfit Yui’s wearing. Same goes for Minori. The baby laughs and laughs (at the audience, probably), and BAM CREDITS.


The song wasn’t really memorable, so yeah. The sequence is essentially just Yui and Minori together too.

Personally, the show is kinda like Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun, but even MORE perverted. It’s a good distraction, and some of the jokes really had me laughing hard. It’s obviously not the best show, but it’s well above average, in terms of entertainment. I look forward to the next one, which, unfortunately, might be some time from now.

2 Responses to “Koharubiyori – 01”

  1. November 18, 2007 at 8:28 pm

    maybe I would like this show more than Goshuushou-sama ninomiya-kun which I dropped weeks ago. Kinda boring though many ecchi scenes.

  2. November 18, 2007 at 9:38 pm

    Well, I watch both Kohakubiyori and Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun for the mindless entertainment anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

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