So I haven’t posted in some time…

This week is essentially “finals” week, in the sense that most of the long tests and projects are due this week. No actual finals will be taking place though, since the quarter’s too short for a quarterly test. Despite that, being the lazy little bastard that I am, I’ve gotten myself into even more games than ever before. I’ve already got my hands full with Supreme Commander, then I suddenly get both Sniper Elite and Albatross18 (aka: Pangya) as well. On the Visual Novel / Eroge end, I still have to play through ONE, though I’ve put it off a lot thanks to the huge, huge difference in graphics when you compare it to something like, oh, say… planetarian. For the consoles, I only play beatmania IIDX, because it is damn fun, though my right shoulder begs to differ. Noticeably, I’ve got most of the games on the PC, and why is that? It’s because PCs are, and always will be, my number 1 choice when it comes to gaming. Nothing can beat the power of a good desktop (except an even better desktop), but I digress.

Anyway, by the end of this week, Christmas vacation will begin! Is it just me though, or does it not feel like Christmas at all? I don’t know about anyone else here, but San Juan, the municipality where I live, is pretty much skimping on the decorations, like parols, and some other stuff.

I’ve finally gotten myself to watch Gurren Lagann, because I was reminded when I was making cards for a friend’s retreat, using Kamina’s “Kick reason to the curb” line as part of the design. It is so damn full of MANLY TEARS and GAR and AWESOME (but not as much as Nanoga A’s was). Anway, my body is screaming at me to go to sleep, as I’ve yet to have a full 8 hours of sleep as of yet.

Apologies for the absence of wallpaper; I really, really need my sleep now.

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