Quick purchases

I just came from some toy convention, the name of which has already slipped my mind, but I did do a bit of spending over there.

note: I would love to go on but my keyboard asploded lol.
I will get back to writing this post when I get a functioning keyboard.

I was supposed to go out and get a Logitech G11 (because I don’t need an LCD readout and I want a blue backlight), but then I realized that would set me back about 3,500-something so I hijacked my dad’s computer’s keyboard for a while instead (which is the exact same model as my old keyboard).

Anyway, purchases. I came unprepared as I didn’t even know that there was such a convention happening, so I only had a small bit of money with me; hence, the small amount of purchases (though even if I did come prepared, there wasn’t much anyway, since it was mostly crappy Western fare.

What’s funny is that they’re all impulse buys.

Stuff I bought:
Kotobukiya 1/8 Lemmy Miyauchi from ToHeart (Php 400)
Raijin G&A Issue 1, 2, 17 (Php 20 each)
Raijin Comics Issue 3 (Php 50)

The Raijin stuff is like, 4-5 years old, each released weekly; G&A (Game and Anime) tackled mostly Japanese otaku culture-related things, even having a feature on Comiket in one issue, while Comics is pretty much like Shounen Jump.

There were two reasons why I bought the Lemmy figure: (a) it was cheap, and (b) I had a metal trading card featuring her on one side (the other side had all the ToHeart characters, but I didn’t take a picture of it anyways). Overall, quality is pretty much the lowest, compared to others like Kureha (who was actually auctioned off at the con) and Fate, but value just can’t be beat. Three crappy pictures after the jump.

Her face looks kinda creepy, in my opinion

The sundae got a generally good amount of detail, but not the milkshake

Stupid camera shake

PS: The Dandelion Girl is actually a pretty interesting read, but maybe only because I kept imagining Nia as the girl instead lol

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