Doujin Game Review: Es (Trial Edition Beta)


I put up a Youtube video here, if you’re interested. It gets cut off though, since I ran out of HD space for recording. Also, excuse the poor playing.

Way, way back, over half a year ago, I put up a quick review in my now defunct former blog of the Trial Edition Alpha of Es. In Comiket73, 9thNight came out with the next trial, which does leave me wondering when the real thing’s gonna come out. But enough of that. What exactly are the marked differences between the Alpha and the Beta?


First of all, a “story” of sorts has been placed; probably to give some sort of premise as to why a girl with a giant bayonet and photon cannon is flying around, blowing up robots. Apart from that, graphics have been somewhat improved; textures have more detail, some objects have higher polygon counts and look smoother overall, along with some other things. Pad support has been improved as well, though I really have no point of comparison, since I used the keyboard in the Trial Alpha. The interface has been slightly changed as well, with a few meters getting moved, and some other parts removed.


Another new feature would be the addition of the ability to modify Es with parts, weapons, and abilities. Currently, there are the Homing Missiles and Shield for weapons/parts, and the Double Boost (basically double-jump), Auto Recovery, and the Reflector as abilities. The Shotgun and Photon Bomb (technically the machine gun and cannon, respectively) and of course, your bayonet cum sword have already been provided for you. The last other radical changes would of course, be the addition of a single new stage, as well as save/load functions to keep progress and clear data.


The game’s been compared a lot with Zone of the Enders, which, because it came out early in the PS2’s life, I haven’t had the chance to play, so I have no preconceptions of the game. It’s a very simple game at heart – Start from point A, go to point B, blow everything up, proceed to point C, repeated several times. This makes the game rather simple to work with, but can easily bore most people who aren’t obsessed with keeping a perfect chain, getting a high score, and so on. This ends up making the game unbelievably fast-paced, as you’ll be racing between each point, taking care not to break that wonderful 80,000 chain you have going. Timing and proper chains and combos, as well as reflexes, are all well rewarded in the game, giving you more points; thus, more credits to upgrade Es with. After this, it’s off to your next mission, destroying more enemies in some nicely done 3D graphics.

Unfortunately, while the game’s graphics may look a bit more polished, but it still looks rather plain. A lot of buildings, roads, and towers litter the landscape with little else in it. The pad’s controls are a bit unintuitive, as weapons are distributed over the entire right side, rather than sharing some with the left shoulder buttons. Skills are also very, very important, if one wants to get a decent score – crucial to getting proper upgrades and parts. However, it is a fun game and doesn’t require too much thought to play. It may be graphically bland, mindlessly repetitive, and absolutely boring at one point or another, but for those who find it fun, who cares? And besides, one doesn’t always get the chance to play as a girl with a photon cannon.


9thNight Official Site
Es Trial Beta Official Site (still under construction)

PS: By the way, the reason why only stage one got capped was because I played this on the pad while manually capping with the keyboard. God, it is hard.

6 Responses to “Doujin Game Review: Es (Trial Edition Beta)”

  1. January 13, 2008 at 8:55 am

    I gave this a try before and loved it. Had the pad setup, but had to change some of the controls since it was a lil hard with the default (I was using the Xbox360 controller, was too lazy to plug in the PS2 one…).

    Your description was pretty spot on, but I did kinda like the simple “bland” graphics, kinda gave it that desolate distopia world feel for me.

    It is somewhat similar to ZoE, but feels a lil more “solid” as you’re firing a gattling gun and things at a fast response rate than ZoE, the melee between the two is a lil different too, being that Es feels faster for some reason.

    And yes….the main reason I started playing this is because of the girl ^^;

  2. January 17, 2008 at 4:21 pm

    Lovely game. I couldn’t revise for my classes tomorrow because of this. A Saitek P990 didn’t help matters.

  3. January 18, 2008 at 12:16 am

    Aya, I must admit, I mainly played this to see the girl too lol
    ritchan, nice pad you’ve got there; it’s got a nicer look compared to a PS2 controller.

  4. January 20, 2008 at 6:00 pm

    Ha, yer damn right it’s a great pad! The blue light and the red FPS button is a bit too flashy for my minimalist tastes, but hey, if you install the drivers you can control your mouse with the right analog stick!

    I love the rubber grips, too.

  5. 5 Fox
    January 23, 2008 at 3:37 am

    Heroine with a photon cannon FTW!!

    But this game awfully reminds me of this one level of Mobile Suit Gundam I played~

  6. 6 LogicalDrive
    August 18, 2009 at 3:00 pm

    good ones, stability is great, even on the low computer. for some advice, I think the config and language using an english as base. it will be easier to newbie player to understand all the controls. it’s already had a good 3D graphic for the heroine, but the enemy… seemed to be a bit awful… for the BGM music, please make the music diffrent for each stage so it will not make players boring with the same music again.

    oh yeah, the city setting might cause a little disturb while fighting the enemies so sometimes I can’t hit ’em. stage one is alright, but for the stage 2 the battlefield before the boss seems need to be wider. it’s so hard to hit enemies behind the buildings according to the city setting as I explained before. anyway, you’ve made a good game. keep your hard work. thx.

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