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Summer Season Stuff: Part 1

I’m sure everyone and their mom pretty much know about all this stuff by now, so I’ll just get to impressions.

Strike Witches
-tries to pander to numerous fetishes at the same time (lolis, guns, mecha-musume, animal ears, military [uniforms], etc.) and makes everything feel a little, I dunno, weird
-sticks to the mecha-musume concept a lot closer; thus, it feels so much more ridiculous (magical lolis flying around in plane parts shooting aliens?)
-large cast of characters and a short running time spells: a) underdeveloped characters, b) lack of actual conflict to make time for the characters, or c) “character grouping” wherein they are tackled in bunches, rather than singlely
-lots and lots of similarities with Sky Girls, but Sky Girls feels a bit lighter in tone and atmosphere, yet also more seriously done. Strike Witches’s lack of pants/skirts, makes its execution lose some of it’s drive (mostly because people will always keep that thought at the back of their heads)
-also, Geass.

Telepathy Girl Ran
-OP is ugh. Say what you want but good god
-flamethrower dogs. Seriously
-I can sense lots of girl-angst going on, with one girl having a crappy childhood trying to make others’ lives miserable so they can suffer like she did, etc.
-they need to go easier on those glowing balls – I think having shit flying around with glowing outlines more than emphasizes their powers

Sora wo Kakeru Mahou Tsukai
Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~ Natsu no Sora~ (aka: Someday’s Dreamers ~ The Summer Sky~)
-visuals are a mix between something that sorta looks like superflat on the foreground with photorealistic backgrounds
-seems to be going for a “Magical Realism” genre, which I have a slight inclination towards
-OP is pretty good and catchy
-stone nipples don’t count by the way

rofl saikano with big tits
-kinda typical with the “loser-guy-meets-awesome-girl-and-gets-dragged-into-some-crazy-shit”, though I’ve yet to see any more so I’ll stick with it longer
-censorship is kinda mid-heavy, with flowers and large metal rods sticking out of the pavement
-did I mention boobs?

I would go
Slayers Revolution
-oh man, if previous seasons of Slayers were this enjoyable to watch, I really want to slap myself now for missing out
-glancing at the older shows (and not taking into account the other series are a decade old), the animation definitely looks a whole lot more polished, but still retains the character design easily identifiable with the Slayers series

Still awaiting a number of other shows, so this’ll be it for now.

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