Miscellaneous Purchases

yay for poor composition

Although technically, it’s just one thing – a Moleskine Plain Pocket-sized Notebook.

I never really knew about the snotty, artistic hype (eg: rambling artfags) behind these things, though from the moment I spotted them on the shelf, I suddenly had the urge to get one. It’s not the most economic notebook one can buy, given the roughly 15 dollar price tag, 800 Pesos in my case, which translates to about Php 4.20 a page. Quite a lot considering that’s half the jeepney fare. However, the pocket-perfect dimensions (at least, for my jacket which I wear every single day), sleek business-black design, and hard leather cover oilcloth-covered cardboard cover (hard, yet flexible) called out to me, and I ended up buying it orz. It actually took me about 3 whole minutes to pick between the regular and reporter, and another 5 between the ruled and plain, but the plain won out because of the fact that I might draw or scribble on it too.

As of now, I haven’t written a thing in it, in fear of ruining its immaculate cream-yellow pages, but I figure it’d be a good place to jot down good thoughts for entries, ideas for papers (mostly English and CLE since we don’t really have a say in regards to what we write about for submission), or just anything really smart-sounding that I might end up forgetting.

And yes, I have glasses. No, they don’t have any gradation on them – just a rosy tint.

Edit: ugh, brainslip on the cover.

5 Responses to “Miscellaneous Purchases”

  1. August 17, 2008 at 6:27 am

    Nah notebooks are awesome. Makes me feel intelligent XD.

  2. 2 soloista
    August 17, 2008 at 8:32 pm

    Cool, you joined the Moleskine legion.

    My first mole, a plain regular-sized, was sectioned into Journals – Drafts/Research – Maps/sketches, in descending number of pages allotted for each section.

    My second one that I’m currently using, is sectioned into Fine Arts Classes – Org Work 1 – Org Work 2 – Miscellaneous. Fine Arts classes, for taking down notes and coming up with design drafts, etc. All the important school and organizational stuff is put into 1 and 2 interchangably. Misc section is where I put the mini-journal/book keeping.

    Of course on top of having a plain notebook, I always wait for around December for the red moleskines to come out. They’re strangely cheaper when they first come out, and I always make sure that the red ones I buy are the planners.

  3. August 17, 2008 at 11:37 pm

    As a follow-up, I finally put down some very deserving words on the second page (I cut out the first and last because they wouldn’t lie completely flat): “The world is wonderful in the eyes of wonderful people.”

    Now I’ll need a small, weighty (metal) pen to keep with me at all times for writing – no gel pens, rollerballs, or anything that’ll bleed through the rather thin paper. Any suggestions?

  4. August 18, 2008 at 8:40 am

    I’ve been mulling over the idea of buying one of these – mostly for jotting down random thoughts when I’m doing one of my long walks – but whenever I flick through an open sample copy in the bookshop I can’t imagine myself ever writing anything on those immaculately clean, acid-free pages. I’ll probably end up getting a cheap pocket notebook instead.

    If I did get one of these, though, I’d probably use a good mechanical pencil for writing. Less permanent than ink, yes, but the text should be well-protected between those sturdy covers anyway. And for some reason, I find writing with a pencil lets the creative juices flow more freely than if I were using a pen. Maybe it’s the idea that I can write anything I want, and rub it off or revise it at will. If I use permanent ink, anything I set down is there to stay, so I’d end up ceaselessly revising thoughts in my head until they disappear entirely and there’s nothing left to write.

  5. 5 soloista
    August 18, 2008 at 11:28 am

    Get a Pilot V5. Simple, thin lines and effective.

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