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Alter 1/7 Yagami Hayate GET

I still need a larger Nanoha; anyone in the Philippines willing to sell? 😀

I actually got her yesterday over at WasabiToys right after school, but I was too tired to make a post about it all. When I got to the store, I went straight to the counter and asked, “I’d like to claim a pre-order I have a downpayment on.” I fished my little receipt for verification and got the go signal. I picked up the figure, paid my dues, put down a reservation for a Fate figma, and went on my merry way.

You could probably fit a little kid in Hayate’s box.

Except, I had an over-half-cubic-meter box with me. Seriously. Some people said the box was “big”, and, like I did with Fate, assumed that the box would merely be “big”, and, going by those standards, in comparison, Hayate’s box is the size of a small African country. Dimensions are W 27.5 H 38.5 L 46.5, compared to Fate’s W 24.5 H 29.5 L 40.5.
I salute the two others who ordered their own (I saw three boxes in total) because they will most definitely be getting their 5,500 PHP worth. I’m still wishing for Exelica, albeit 9 months late, to arrive, however.

Sure feels weird to have a big Rein and small Rein though. Small small boss! ❤

Edit: whoops; messed up image URL’s.


Accounting for 2008

As any regular reader of this blog will know by now, I am an incredibly impulsive spender, which translates to well, lots of needless spending and what I would call, “bad buys”. Because of my rabid fandom for some things, I also tend to completely ignore the price when it comes down to it, like Adun. There have been a number of factors that somehow inhibited my overall spending, such as figures that never arrived, the global economic crisis, and another new hobby. Still, compared to previous years, my spending has still increased significantly. Hit the jump for details.

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Figure Review: Unison Vita

I’m not totally sure as to how many went and got Vita’s Unison version, rather than the regular Vita. In my experience here, I was practically the only one who bought Unison Vita, though a quick check of my feedreader and google show that there are at least a couple of people who like the striking color scheme of Unison Vita. Anyway, what do I have to say about her?

A moderate amount of things.

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Oh Sweet Jesus I am Flat Broke


But she is sooooo worth it.


New Figures and Some Other Stuff

I just realized that Rein’s been waiting in the shop since last month, so I went there to pick her up. figma Nanoha was just out too, so I got her as well. On the way back, I stopped by the Fully Booked in the Promenade in the hopes that they were able to get copies of ARIA or AQUA. Sadly, they did not. They did, on the other hand, have a bit of new manga, including Ani-Manga of a GITS 2 movie, its prequel, and some other things. There were also a couple of Hana Kimi artbooks, two different FMA artbooks, and even an Eva one. Unfortunately, the latter one was out of my budget. I also spotted a pair of Shana light novels – I figured I might as well, so I got the first and reserved the other.

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Figure Review: Hiiragi Chihaya

Yet another impulse buy. Shops seriously need to stop selling stuff at half price.

So here, we have another magical girl to complement the previous (and superior) one. As one can infer from the title, she’s Hiiragi Chihaya. Apparently, Chihaya comes from the anime (and OVA/eroge), Magical Canan. Given that it’s from around 2004 (I started getting into fansubs around 2005~2006), I know nothing of the show except from what’s on Wikipedia; therefore, I can judge the figure based solely on its own, which I shall do after the jump.

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Quick Figure Write-up: Kinoshita Rumi

This time it’s Kotobukiya’s Kinoshita Rumi from Pia Carrot! To be more specific, she’s from “Welcome to Pia Carrot G.O.” I got her just this evening when I sold Ryouko to Snacks just a few hours ago. He decided to have us meet in a toy store, and well, when you just got money, and you’ve been looking at a figure at 50% off, well… yeah.

The rest of the shitty pictures plus a bit of commentary on the shoot after the jump.

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