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12 Days, 12 Moments in Anime – Day 5


Moment #8 – the Lucky Star Dance

lolikit will kill me for this, but I have to admit it – Lucky Star’s dance routine is probably one of the most memorable things that’s ever hit 2007. It combined some crazy high-energy singing mixed with a catchy dance done by the Lucky Star crew. Not to mention the uncountable misinterpretations of the lyrics. If memory serves me right, it got mixed reactions from lots of people, ranging from “omg this is awsum,” to “wtf is this retarded bullshit.” No matter how it was perceived though, the fact of the matter is, people still remember it, and probably will for quite some time.


12 Days, 12 Moments in Anime – Day 4


Moment #9 – kurenai

Initially, I was totally turned off by the character design and such – I’m sure many others were – but I got back and marathoned the series. Needless to say, I was awed. It hits me in just the right places. Compelling story, slice-of-life-y with a hint of action, great production values, good voice acting… and the list goes on. However, something about the series always bugged me – the ending. Now, a lot of people say that the ending was good. Indeed it was. But it wasn’t gratifying for me. I’d expected to have Murasaki just get the hell out of the household and live with Shinkurou. But instead, she resolves to fight against the Kuhouin traditions. A losing fight, perhaps, and perhaps not, but it just didn’t jive with me too much. It felt as if my expectations were betrayed (and in fact, they were). Shinkurou, Benika, and the gang, all went through hell and back to rescue Murasaki; she says that she’ll stay there in order to reform their ways, and everyone just accepts, no questions asked. Perhaps it’s just my tendency to go for those endings that appeal to your emotions. You know, the happy endings. I guess that in the end though, this was really one of the better ways to end it – a bittersweet, “true end”-like conclusion. But if I ever end up rewatching this gem of a show, I’ll always have the lingering feeling in me wishing for that “good end”.


12 Days, 12 Moments in Anime – Day 3

so where's the roach now?

Moment #10 – true tears Episode 13

I kind of like this whole scene where Noe walks – rather, limps – back to the hospital alone. It’s pretty indicative of how Noe has grown as a person throughout the series. Before, she was awfully dependent and immature, getting riled up over small things. Throughout the series, she’s been running away from her problems and difficulties but now, even as her love interest flat out says, “I’m in love with someone else”, she calmly accepts it and moves on.
It all made me feel a little more sympathetic towards her (but still, Hiromi ftw), which makes that moment number 10 of the year.

Moments left: 9


12 Days, 12 Moments in Anime – Day 2

come on, just a little more...

Moment #11 – Candy Boy Episode 2

Are they sisters? Check.
Are they twin sisters? Check Check.
Are they twin sisters with lesbian undertones? Check Check Check.

Which is equal to: awesome.

God I’m shallow.


12 Days, 12 Moments in Anime – Day 1


Moment #12 – Ga-rei Zero Episode 2

Pretty much both episodes of Ga-rei Zero were a collective WTF for much of the viewers, totally confused as to what the hell just happened, climaxing as this strange woman, Yomi, kills her supposed little sister Kagura. Of course, it was only a week after that we’d found out that that was what happened at the end, and as a particular lolikitsune pointed out, made for one hell of an impact for the series – that despite all the happy-happy stuff happening in episodes three onwards, everything will slowly, but surely, go to hell and nothing’s going to be able to stop that.

This scene makes Moment #12, because it puts the exclamation point right in the beginning of the sentence.

Moments Left: 11

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