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Accounting for 2008

As any regular reader of this blog will know by now, I am an incredibly impulsive spender, which translates to well, lots of needless spending and what I would call, “bad buys”. Because of my rabid fandom for some things, I also tend to completely ignore the price when it comes down to it, like Adun. There have been a number of factors that somehow inhibited my overall spending, such as figures that never arrived, the global economic crisis, and another new hobby. Still, compared to previous years, my spending has still increased significantly. Hit the jump for details.

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Artbook: Your Eyes Only

Okay, I think I’ve been spending far too much money for artbooks now.

I’ve had a number of artbooks already, but this is the first English version artbook I’ve ever seen and impulsively bought. With 170 pages of art, one would expect a lot of content. Indeed, there is – about 150 pages of Chii… and nothing more, save for picture commentary.
Your Eyes Only is sorted, rather than chronologically, by theme (ergo: “flower.”, “after school.”, etc.). The art itself has a lot of relaxing, pastel colors, in a style reminiscent of Italian oil paintings. CLAMP’s art isn’t really the world to me – it’s nice and all, but it doesn’t particularly strike a chord. That said, a lot of the pictures here are very well done, nicely detailed, and pleasing to the eyes. Every so often, a black and white picture or collage of pictures breaks the monotony, giving some contrast and a bit of rest for the eyes – a rest much-needed, after having your eyes exposed to such a multitude of tones and shades of a wide gamut of colors. Rather creatively done, the back portion gives the commentary for each picture – the source and a bit of what CLAMP had to say on it.
Unlike just about every other artbook I have, there is no interview or text-heavy area in the book. I have no idea if the original is the same or if Tokyopop decided to just not translate that (which I doubt).
Nothing else to say, really. While the thing ran at Php 999 at Bibliarch, a sister bookstore of Fully Booked, I got it for about 800, thanks to a sale they had going on.
With over a hundred pages of illustrations, this is a must-have for Chobits and CLAMP fans. Still, now that I think about it, unless one is into collecting artbooks or is the aforementioned kind of person, this artbook isn’t really worth getting.

Hit the jump for more pictures.

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Artbook: Comic Party Visual Fun Book

So I was browsing the local figure forum for any neat stuff, and I came across the ComiPa artbook. Seeing as it was only going for 600 Pesos, about 14 USD, I saw no reason why I shouldn’t get it.

To be honest, I have no clue on who Mitsumi Misato, Kanro Yuu (is that how you pronounce his name?), and Nakamura Takeshi are. I’d only periodically see things from them if it concerned anything Leaf, but no more.
First thing to note is that since the game was released 9 years ago, the artwork is definitely a bit dated. The shading in particular, is a little flat for some of the work. However, taking into consideration that CG technology wasn’t exactly as advanced as today’s Photoshop Suites, the artwork, particularly Mitsumi’s, is rather well-done.
Another thing to note – the artwork from game CG section (and basically any part that involves the game’s graphics) is rather blurry beyond a roughly 9 square inch picture. This is very clearly seen when a low resolution game CG is scaled to a full page – pixels all over the place. No one can be really faulted here though, because I’m assuming no one really bothered to make higher resolution CG suitable for large prints.
There aren’t too many illustrations in the illust. collection, though they’re not that few either. However, one totally awesome thing about this is that it comes with a five page pullout poster, fuck yeah. I wish it came with two though, because I’m not going to cut that single one out. However, if it did come with another one, I’d have it framed in mahogany or something and hang it in my room.
Nitpicking aside, I honestly don’t know if I would’ve bought this if it hadn’t been easily available at such an affordable price. Since that isn’t the case though, I’d say this is worth it, but not so much if you don’t like the artists’ styles.

A whole bunch of other pictures after the jump.

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A little something came in the mail today…


Mostly to satisfy my Key fanboyism. I’d much rather have the Tomoyo After artbook (not mine; it’s Guncannon’s, that bastard), but it was nowhere to be found, so I settled for the Little Busters! Perfect Visual Book. It comes in a box of sorts and has two accompanying pencil boards (or at least, what I think are pencil boards). The book itself is really heavy (like, heavier than my Bible kinda heavy), hardcover and totally white all over, which sort of makes me scared to even touch it in fear of defiling its pure whiteness. Content-wise, it’s pretty comprehensive, with lots of artwork, character profiles, in-game help and tips, interviews, design sketches, backgrounds, and it even comes with a mini-novel.


I am totally gonna use the Komari + Rin shitajiki as a fan by the way, considering summer’s getting close.

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