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Whipping Out the Arcade Stick Once More

yes, that is a wooden stool
My new STG setup

Shooters, shmups, STG’s, whatever you call them, have quite a long history in videogames. They were probably the first true genre of videogame, and were pretty much the be all, end all until a decade ago, give or take. Long story short, because people preferred easier games that didn’t hand your ass on a platter 9 out of 10 times, the genre pretty much died out. Except in Japan, where these games are still held in (pretty) high regard (at least, compared to other countries).

Around the end of 2004, if memory serves me right, when I was in Xiamen for an overseas study program, I really got into reading webcomics as a way to pass the time – 2 RMB per hour was a pretty decent rate, and the Uni’s computer lab was practically next-door (and it was) to the dorms. It was around that time that I read dom’s rant which talked a bit about Touhou in one of those Megatokyo strips. Curious, I tried to get the game, but every time I ran Embodiment of Scarlet Devil‘s trial edition in the computers, it’d end up crashing, so I never actually got to playing it until I got home mid-December. Having still been stuck using dial-up, I pretty much stayed up overnight (I fell asleep halfway through anyway) downloading a 40mb file. The same goes for Perfect Cherry Blossom. After that, I was totally into danmaku STG’s. That was a few months ago.

Admittedly, this is one long preamble of a story, so now we get to the actual substance of this entry.

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