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ToyCon 2008 was…

This is sort of what I feel like, sans the bags and paper tube, and that rather than exhaustion, I feel disappointment.

a mediocre con. It was plagued with a lot of problems (like most cons here). Too crowded, not a lot of things to do if you’re not with a group of overly lively people (I was more or less alone both days), and so on. However, what I love about the cons here is that anyone can get a stall and sell whatever they want, as long as it’s related in some way. In the Philippines, because most collectors generally belong to a group that encompasses anything nerd-culture related, anime, cosplay, and everything else is included, so even if you’re just selling random anime merchandise, or stolen fansubs (shame on you), or old, second-hand stuff you wanna get rid of, then you’re allowed to.

Because I don’t care much for the con (cons themselves here suck in general), I will refrain from talking about the event itself. That and I forgot to bring a camera to take pictures so I’ll just leave that to whoever else writes about it. Or Google.

I’ll cut this off here because one of the three things I bought is rather not worksafe, so just hit the jump for the stuff.

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