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Ever17 – Review

The first time this came out, around 2005 or so, I was really eager to play it, which I did. However, I quit before even finishing anyone’s route (I believe I’d gotten onto Sora’s somehow) and it eventually got deleted off my hard drive because I couldn’t fit anything else into it (this was when I had a horrible laptop with only 40gb). The art someone bothered me too, and in general, I just lost the motivation to play.
Fast-forward to 6 days ago. My friend Espr starts playing it and suddenly, I hear praise being heaped onto the game. Combined with the fact that Ever17 made many people shit bricks, I knew I had to play this, especially now that I’m less superficial when it comes to visual novels. Besides, the story (and Tsugumi) was what mattered the most.

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I played this back then around 2-3 years ago. I quit soon after because of various reasons.

I began playing this Monday because I felt like it.

Despite the upcoming work the next day, I played through Coco’s route last night all the way ’til 4 in the morning.

It was soooooo worth it.

PS: Tsugumi is love. I will update this post sometime to explain. expound on this in subsequent, spoiler-filled posts.

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