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It Took me 10 Months to Realize that ef is Brilliant

It’s almost a year since this aired and I only watched it now to catch up with the newer season. I prepared myself for a soap-opera-like show, sappy romance, or any of the trappings one would normally expect from visual novel adaptations, exceptions aside. Yet I got so much more than that.

Do excuse whatever I will begin to write from here on if it has any deficiencies in intelligibility, sense, logic, and so on.

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100,000 Hits!

In less than two years too, which… I guess is actually pretty bad.

Here are the stats, as of July 15, 2008, 6:56 pm:

Total views: 100,214
Average Views per Day: 139 per day
Busiest day: 1,159 (Sunday, December 2, 2007)
Posts: 169
Comments: 586
Categories: 24
Tags: 75
Spam Caught: 9,529

Most Popular Post/Page:
Doujin Game Review: ETHER VAPOR at 3,108 views. Close behind is “Recettear Guide” (no longer updated by the way) at 3,101 hits.

Most Popular Referrer:
Danny Choo’s sidebar on “Mecha Maid” with 924 hits, followed by another similar sidebar link, “Merry Christmas” with 768 hits, tied with some Thai forum (registration required).

Most Clicked Link Within Blog:
c02a_1.jpg at 390 clicks, with c02a_2.jpg at 305 clicks.

Most Popular Search Term:
upskirt” at 1,823 searches (the second-highest, “nanoha” pales in comparison with a measly 861 searches)

Either way, it’s a good enough excuse for another set of wallpapers. The rest of course, are after the jump.

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A Quick Title Change

full version of the new banner.

I’ve always had a problem with the blog’s title being “z0mgwtflol”. It felt far too immature for what I currently am right now, and changing the title has been on the back of my mind since about half a year ago. Unfortunately, I never really had anything suitable to change the title to, but as I was reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the perfect title just came to mind – “Life in Quadrant 4”.

What exactly is “Quadrant 4”? While I’m sure those who’ve read the book, at least until the third habit, would know this, I probably should explain it anyway. The book’s third habit is to “Put First Things First” – basically dealing with priorities. These priorities are divided into 4 quadrants: Quadrant 1, the important and urgent matters, Quadrant 2, the important and non-urgent matters, Quadrant 3, the unimportant and urgent matters, and Quadrant 4, the unimportant and non-urgent matters. Because this blog deals with some of the most pointless things in life (yes, anime and otaku-related stuff), as well as my immersion into all said pointless things, I felt that the title would be rather fitting.

Hopefully, this’ll stick for some time so I wouldn’t have to change the title again.


no real title.

Well, seeing as now is college applications time, I’ll be mulling over how to write essays without getting to thousand-word reports of my life story, as well as getting my ass in gear and getting first honors, basically A’s for every subject for the entire schoolyear (also known as mental suicide), as well as other things I have to do, so I’ll be rather busy. And dead-tired, considering I have both refresher courses on Math and Filipino, as well as Japanese classes on Saturdays.

On the other hand, a friend gave me his Shirakawa Nanaka figure because he had to throw her out, so yay for that. Yes, I display her that way because her legs are hot The legs are very well-sculpted. Also, thanks to a signal 3 typhoon, I’ll be having no classes, so yay for that as well. I guess I have nothing to contribute anymore, so I’ll just post a bunch of random wallpapers, courtesy of

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Back to School


The school season is here once again, and within the course of the summer vacation, I have not managed to write a single substantial entry. Shame on me.

On the other hand, this would be a really good time to look back at the previous spring season’s offerings, as well as anything else of interest.

For starters, let’s have a look at the shows from the spring ’08 season, plus whatever else I’ve watched recently:

Do note that spoilers and/or NSFW images may or may not be present.
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