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On Aria.

prepare for absurdres

When people heaped praises upon ARIA, I was hesitant. I thought to myself that it was just another slice-of-life anime.

I was so wrong.


Blog Signs

Some artwork from Studio S.D.T. to lighten up the post.

As I was wasting away my life reading though a bunch of random blog entries, clicking links here and there – similar to how one gets from researching on the various effects of GMO’s to the creation processes of polyvinyl chloride figures – I ended up at this post.

Based on my blog creation date – July 23, 2006 (yes, I’ve actually been here longer than most other, more prolific bloggers) – I’m a Leo, just scraping past through Cancer by the difference of a single day. This is what Wikipedia had to say about it:

Leo (The Lion) (fire, fixed, social): Keyword: “I will”. Generous, proud, theatrical, passionate, sunny, bright, kingly, powerful, loves attention, dramatic, independent, noble, creative, leader. Can be arrogant, bossy, boastful, egotistic, snobbish. From dates July 23rd to August 22nd.

Surprisingly, looking at Wikipedia’s descriptions, that is what this blog is anything but. One of these days, I ought to write something more provocative, like how Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei mirrors real world problems and societal issues.

Also, I’d want to wish Owen S, aka saturnine a happy, happy birthday for his blog. His is one of the most well-written ones out there, and it doubles as troll bait, which makes it doubly awesome. Coincidentally, his blog and I (the real person) have the same star sign – Aries.

PS: I apologize for the horrible thumb quality; running BOINC, Firefox and Photoshop CS2 at the same time is a very stupid idea.


Thoughts on The Anime Blog Awards

I shall now take this opportunity to put in some awesome images by Kantoku.

The issue of the ABA surfaced several weeks ago; hell, I was there at #animeblogger when Impz started talking about the idea before its launch. However, I’ve remained quiet about it for quite some time now because I like to stand back and read both sides of the story. By now, I’d like to think I have a decent idea behind what the awards are about, what to say about them, and what action I ought to take regarding them.

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Senko no Ronde Rev. X Image Pack

Filler post again, since I’ve got finals today, tomorrow, and on Wednesday.


For Senko no Ronde fans, I found myself a bunch of scans of a Korean Senko no Ronde fanbook, as well as a whole bunch of wallpaper-sized images (1280px x 720px). Because sharing is caring, or some tripe like that. Anyway, here it is. Hit the jump for a bit of a preview.

UPDATE (Mar. 23, ’09):

Someone asked me to reupload the stuff, so here’s a link to the download:

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Research Paper and stuff

This picture has nothing to do with the actual article. However, it makes for a lovely wallpaper. And Chizuru is hot.

Well, being cut off from the internet totally sucked. Even at the moment, I’m still kinda partly cut off since only one connection can be open at once, though I’m hopefully going to get the problem fixed sometime soon. Anyway, I’ve busied myself quite a bit with schoolwork, my English research paper in particular. After about a month of on-and-off work, I’ve finally finished it!

Research Paper can be found here.

The paper is on the history of shooting games (shooters, not *bang bang* shooting games). I have basically no proper sources, given my shitty school library and its lack of concern for video games in general, so I ended up using a lot of internet sources, and actually heavily depended on a French documentary on the history of shooting games (lol)
This is actually my first research paper, so there are probably a bajillion errors everywhere. Anyway, it’s really shitty, especially when it gets to the end. Please leave critiques or whatever else here; I’d need all the help I can get, seeing as I’ll be writing a shitload of these things in a year or two.

Oh, and Kanokon is totally awesome (wallpaper above). I must get the novel when it comes out this October. In the meantime, get volume one of the manga.


So I haven’t posted much…

Nothing to post right now; the only thing I ever really blog about is CLANNAD, and there’s none of that this week. I’ve also got to work on about 3 papers right now – a research paper for English, a “research essay” (because it’s not as lengthy and detailed) for Filipino, and a major reflection paper for CLE. Anyway, enough about my life, have some wallpapers.

For starters, my current wallpaper: a (super hot) picture of Natsume Rin from Little Busters! Those with rather discerning eyes should be able to see that the source of this work is none other than Cradle.

No idea where this came from, nor who the artist is, but still really neat. Used to be my wallpaper until I found the Rin one by Cradle.

No idea where this came from either, but there’s a loli.

I can’t remember where I got this from anymore too.

And some Macross, for those who like that kinda stuff, or don’t want others to wonder why they have anime girls as their wallpaper.


Headed in a New Direction


I don’t know why, but I never really write about anime, despite being and anime blog. Whenever I do write about something, it just tends to be random rambling with huge walls of text on tens upon tens of episodes that everyone else has talked about. More often than not, laziness, combined with a really tight school schedule (5 full class days + 1 day spent for JP classes) blows out most of the time I could be spending writing. For some crazy reason, Media Player Classic refuses to take screenshots for some reason (god knows what), so I’m pretty much forced to fire up VLC to take caps, and we all know how crappy it is compared to MPC (VLC being able to support an incredible number of formats aside, of course).
At the moment, as anyone can see, all I’m really doing is making intermittent posts on random things I do in real life, or new stuff that I bought that everyone else already probably got/knew about. All this makes me feel like I’m not really contributing any proper content on this blog, and that kinda makes me feel bad about it. It just feels like I’m going nowhere right now, and the thought’s just continuously eating away at the back of my mind right now.

Cutting straight to the point, taking into consideration the circumstances I’m in, can anyone suggest a decent way for me to write about anime and related things?

And just a side note: I’ve always wondered what the top search words were that linked to my blog, and after a minute of clicking, here are the results:
Somehow, “upskirt” managed to get in there without me even mentioning it more than a couple of times.

PS: I’ve also been planning to get a really cheap tablet soon; can anyone recommend a model? Of course, the cheaper the better, but value counts too.

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