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Summer Season Stuff: Part 2

Zero no Tsukaima: Princesses no Rondo
-One thing I like in this series more than I do Shana: no relationship resets.
-I’m praying it won’t end as badly as the last season did. Of course, even if I knew it would, I’d end up watching it anyway. And I know you guys would too.
-I can’t believe Agnes is still there. Didn’t we have enough of her in the second season?
-OP wasn’t too bad, and I definitely think the ED’s a vast improvement over the last season’s.
-Production value was so-so. Not too bad, but not horrendous either.

-Wow, an eroge adaptation without the male. Not necessarily a bad thing nanoda.
-How the hell is Chouhi, a little girl, stronger than Kannu, who’s way older than she is nano?
-I’m not actually fond of Romance of the Three Kingdoms things (ie: Dynasty Warriors, etc.) though by the looks of it, they’re pretty much going to end up doing the most non-Chinese history-related things anyway nanoda.
-ED is way too moe-y for my taste, though it fits the typical eroge song to a T nanoda.
-Did I mention that I hate annoying loli speech patterns nano?

World Destruction
-Wow, uh, the Destruct Code looks awfully… weird.
-Morute/Morte/whatever has a pretty neat character design.
-The World Savior Committee cannot shoot to save their lives, nor do they have the common sense not to drop their guns to switch to wussy knives, which Morte makes short work of.
-Kirie’s a total wuss, but I’m going to make the dumb assumption now that he’ll turn out to be some guy who at least has some semblance of capability later in the series.
-Another assumption: the world won’t actually be destroyed.

Hidamari Sketch x365
-It’s HidaSketch. Go watch it.
-rofl OP by Tatsh
-(X‘                                   ‘)

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
-Is there some sort of trend now where titles go by the pattern of [full name] no [abstract noun] or something? Sorta like how Hollywood action titles are practically made by picking random nouns and adjectives from a hat, like, “Under Seige,” or “Point Break,” or “Lethal Weapon,” but I digress.
-Noto Mamiko’s trademark light, airy voice (I can’t describe it quite well enough) is still present. I’m fine with that though; she’s one of my favorite VA’s.
-OP was kinda boring, and I forgot how the ED sounded like.
-While it’s all going to be so typical, with the guy-finding-out-secret-of-girl, girl-hangs-out-with-guy-more-and-more, the-two-fall-in-love, (insert-drama-here) sort of flow, it’s still and enjoyable watch overall.

And… that’s it for now. I’ll probably have one final post for the rest of the stuff that’s yet to be out.

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