Twins Pair 1: Kirishima Mizuki (Little Sister) / Kirishima Narumi (Older Brother)

not a trap

Fraternal twins; brother and sister. 16 years of age. Senior high school, 1st year.
The older brother, Narumi, has a complex regarding his girlish face and short stature, but is intelligent.
The little sister, Mizuki, is also intelligent, but is a little rash and reckless.

Their Elemental blood is thick, so they possess strong magic ability.
Possessing red hair, they have a preference for flame-based magic.

They were asked to look for their upperclassman who had gone missing earlier, but…

Character Ability:

Kirishima Narumi:

Shot type: Wide 7-way + Explosion
Shot quality: Stable
Shot speed: B

Kirishima Mizuki:

Shot type: Forward 5-way + Explosion
Shot quality: Stable
Shot speed: B+

Shot and speed are average; shots are stable.
Narumi’s 7-way shots are weak, but useful against wiping out small enemies.
Mizuki’s forward-firing shot’s power shows when fighting against mid-sized enemies and bosses.

Their shot’s explosions are the defining characteristic; these are effective against slow-moving and stationary enemies, but quick enemies will require some strategy.

Twins Pair 2: Mikahashi Rurika (Little Sister) / Mikahashi Ririka (Older Sister)

Identical twins; sisters. 12 years of age. In Junior high school.
Their sparkling golden hair is a trademark.
The older sister is energetic, the younger sister is calm and cool.

Losing their parents at a very young age, they now carry their parents’ crystal as a remembrance.
Since the crystal is of a deep blue color, the twins do not have the ability to use the crystal.

Around one week ago, the crystal began to emit a faint light.
Noticing that the light glowed strongly when facing a certain direction, they headed off, toward the light’s direction.

Character Ability:

Mikahashi Ririka:


Shot type: Forward 3-way
Shot quality: Penetrating + Variable Width
Shot speed: A+

Mikahashi Rurika:

Shot type: Wide 6-way
Shot quality: Penetrating + Variable Width
Shot speed: A

Shots are penetration-type and are the fastest.
Only these two have shots that can reach all the way to the back of both mid-sized enemies and bosses.

However, taking enemies out quickly is somewhat tough because of the long time it takes for bullets to penetrate enemies

Also, because the shots are variable-width type, in order to change the attack spread, paying attention to both location and movements is very important.

Pair 3: Shizukuishi Asa / Tsugumori Shizuka

For some reason, these two are not twins. Both are of 18 years of age.
The older sister-like Asa and the mysterious and calm Shizuka.
Asa has near-white hair, but her Elemental blood is thin, thus she has low magical ability.
Shizuka is a black-haired, one who should not have seen this world.

That Shizuka holds a key is obvious, but she doesn’t talk much.
Because of this, Asa does not know the kanji for Shizuka.

The two met when Shizuka’s hometown was destroyed, and Asa has been taking care of her since.
Despite having completely opposite personalities, the two get along quite well.

What could Asa have seen in the untalkative Shizuka…

Character Ability:

Shizukuishi Asa:

Shot type: Forward 1-way
Shot quality: Unstable
Shot speed: C+

Tsugumori Shizuka:

Shot type: Homing 8-way
Shot quality: Unstable
Shot speed: C

Shots are rather bad, and the speed is also slow.

Shizuka’s shots are all homing; thus, they are, to an extent, effective at dealing with small enemies en masse.
Because of Asa’s weak magical ability, her shots are weak, look scattered and on top of that, become slanted whenever she moves.
When using Asa, pay attention so that her larger shots may hit the enemy. Otherwise, you may run out of time.

However, when using magic, Asa’s shots are the strongest.

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