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8 directions, 3 buttons.

0 button: Shot (slow movement when held down)
1 button: Invoke magic
2 button: Change to the other twin
3 button: Skip conversation
4 button: Rapid fire (does not slow movement)
5 button: Pause

On the keyboard:
Z or Enter: Shot (slow movement when held down)
X: Invoke magic
C: Change to the other twin
Ctrl: Skip conversation
V: Rapid fire (does not slow movement)
Space: Pause

(Note that these are all configurable in the キーコンフィグ.exe)

Stage Arrangement:

Based on the scenario branches, there will be either 6 or 7 stages.
The difficulty level will not affect the accessibility of the scenarios.

Skipping Conversations:
By pressing the “skip conversation” button, one can fast-forward through the conversation.
Furthermore, already-read lines will be skipped.

To turn this off, please go to the title screen > config and highlight “Skip already-read lines (既読スキップ)”. Change it to “No (無効)”.

Already-chosen Dialog Lines:

There will be a mark beside choices already picked in previous plays.
The number of rings (refer to below) will be placed beside the choice.
Furthermore, the mark data is recorded along with the score.
In order to clear this data, please go to the “data” folder and delete “score.dat”.

About the Shots and the Twins:

Basically, the twins have one shot each: a straightforward type, and a wide spread type.
You can change twins anytime you like (there are exceptions [eg: stage C1 boss with the Mikahashi twins]).
Use the wide spread shot type when the smaller enemies come out. When the mid-sized enemies and bosses come out, use the straightforward attack type.
This is surely the most efficient way to take out enemies.

About the Encroachment Gauge:

The Encroachment gauge will increase whenever there are enemies remaining on screen.
At the beginning of the game, the gauge will start at 50%.
If the gauge becomes 100% mid-game, then it’s game over immediately.
Not only that, but the gauge also has an effect on the game’s scenario.
Depending on the gauge, some choices might be restricted or locked, or the conversation itself could be different.
Please refer to the below explanation for further clarification on how to lower the gauge.

On Multipliers:

Enemies, when taken out quickly, will drop “crystals” (4 at most).
These crystals will lower the encroachment gauge.
In other words, by taking out enemies quickly, one can lower his encroachment gauge.
Conversely, if one takes out enemies slowly, the encroachment gauge will increase.


In this game, increasing multipliers is not just through taking out enemies quickly, but is also dependent on enemy proximity.
If you take out smaller enemies up close, you will get up to a +2 boost to the multiplier. On bosses, the multplier boost may be up to +4.
In other words, the increase of crystals is as follows:

Smaller enemies: 6 crystals max
Bossess: 8 crystals max

In this game, the key to high scores is to take out enemies both swiftly and as close to you as possible.

Furthermore, if you are simply aiming to clear the game, just focus on taking enemies out quickly.
Playing using crossovers is an extremely dangerous, advanced play style.
Even if you do not use crossovers, as long as you properly take enemies out, you will still be able to reach the true, final scenario.

“Sacred Area”

The ringed area revolving around the midbosses and bosses is the designated area for getting a +4 bonus to your multiplier. To perform the crossover, you have to intentionally enter the ringed area.
The player must be within the sacred area for the final hit for the +4 bonus to count, so please be careful.

About Spirit and Magic:

This game focuses on the player’s “stamina” – the Spirit.

Spirit has the following characteristics:

-Starting amount: 10000 for balanced type (9000 for defense type, 11000 for attack type)
-Maximum amount: 20000
-Factors that add to Sprit value: collecting crystals, bullets grazed (totalled and added at the end of the stage)
-Factors that lower Spirit value: getting hit, bombing (using Magic)

Magic is the the equivalent of the last game’s Tension
It is somewhat similar to a bomb, but it possesses these characteristics:

-Magic, when invoked, consumes an amount of Spirit; if the amount of Spirit is not enough, invocation will not take place
-When hit by an enemy bullet, Magic is automatically invoked (Auto Magic), but at a much greater Spirit cost
-During invocation, shot power will be significantly strengthened
-During invocation, all items will automatically be collected
-During invocation, all enemy bullets will be turned into crystals
-During invocation, all enemy bullets will be cleared out

When invoking magic, because shot power is significantly stronger, you can defeat enemies more easily.
By doing so, you will also be able to collect a large number of crystals. Therefore, where you use magic is very important.
While the magic is technically a bomb through its erasure of enemy bullets, in order to collect a lot of crystals, aggressive and judicious use of magic will be important.

About the Mineral Option System [aka: Attack Types]:

When starting the game, you will have three orientations to pick from:

-Attack Focus
-Attack and Defense Balance
-Defense Focus

(which I shall refer to now as Attack, Balanced, and Defense, respectively)

Attack Type:
-Starting Spirit: 11000
-Attack Power: +10%
-Magic Invocation Period: +25%
-Magic Cost: 1200 Spirit
-AutoMagic Cost: 3600 Spirit
-Graze Area: Wide
-Item Collection Area: Narrow
-Encroachment Penalty for getting hit: High

Balance Type:
-Starting Spirit: 10000
-Attack Power: ±0%
-Magic Invocation Period: ±0%
-Magic Cost: 1000 Spirit
-AutoMagic Cost: 3000 Spirit
-Graze Area: Normal
-Item Collection Area: Normal
-Encroachment Penalty for getting hit: Normal

Defense Type:
-Starting Spirit: 9000
-Attack Power: -10%
-Magic Invocation Period: -25%
-Magic Cost: 800 Spirit
-AutoMagic Cost: 2200 Spirit
-Graze Area: Narrow
-Item Collection Area: Wide
-Encroachment Penalty for getting hit: Low

Ergo, for Attack Type, the shot strength is above average, the Magic invocation periods are longer, and there is a clear focus on taking out enemies. In exchange, the Magic cost is higher, so you will have to pay attention to how many times you use it because you can use it less often.

On the other hand, the Defense Type can use Magic more, but has weaker attack power (and Magic time).

Feel free to pick whichever you wish to play with.

On Rank:

The letter on the right side represents your initial rank. The left side represents your current rank.
When the gauge below is filled, you will advance rank.

In this game, a rank system is used.
When your rank increases, enemy bullet count and speed will be increased.
Please refer to the list below for raising and lowering rank:

Raising Rank
-Playing normally (small)
-Collecting crystals (small)
-Collecting score items (small)
-Having a lower Encroachment gauge value at the end of the stage (medium)
-Taking out the boss quickly (small)
-Breaking the boss’s Magic (small)

Lowering Rank:
-Having a higher Encroachment gauge value at the end of the stage (medium)
-Getting hit (large)
-Taking a long time to take out the boss (small)
-Invoking Magic (small)

The initial rank and methods of raising/lowering rank are dependent on the difficulty level you choose.

Furthermore, the order of rank is as follows:
D, C, C+, B, B+, A, A+, S, SS

Note that SS is only attainable with an initial rank of A.

About the Twins Usage Gauge:

Asides from the Encroachment gauge, another factor in the scenario is this Twins Usage Gauge.
This is a gauge that measures which twin you have been using longer.
The gauge begins count when the stage starts.
Of course, to an extent, the player can change his play style to affect the gauge.

About Enemy Magic and Magic Break Bonus:

The final forms of each Boss and Midboss are powerful magic attacks.
You could technically call it a berserk attack, but we shall refer to it as Enemy Magic.
By taking out the boss with “no-miss” (not getting hit) and “no-magic” (not bombing), then not only will you get a bonus score, but your Encroachment Gauge value will go down as well.
This bonus is called the Magic Break Bonus.

[“Spell break”, in Touhou terms]


These are the following items found in the game:

Red, Yellow, White crystals: These lower the Encroachment Gauge value. These can be found when enemies are taken out quickly.*
Green: Score. When collected, your score will increase.
Purplish-Red: Spirit-up. When collected, your Spirit Gauge’s value will be added to.
Black: X-Crystal. This increases your Encroachment Gauge value (that’s a bad thing).*

* – these items are automatically collected, whether you like it or not.
When Magic is invoked, all items are automatically collected.

Ring System:

This value will be added to or subtracted from during conversation scenes when you select dialog.
By selecting the right choices, the value will increase quickly.

At the end of the stage, if the encroachment gauge is significantly lower from the previous value [I’d place it at about >40%], then the Ring value will be added to.

This value has a direct effect on which scenario you will play through.
If you do not have a lot of Rings, then you will not be able to reach the truth.

[note: I have opted to move the Replay System, Online Functions, Key/Pad Config, and Misc. Options to the Other Notes section.]

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