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Moving to Dasaku!

Or rather, I’ve already moved.

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See you all there!


K-ON! 01

Feels like Lucky Kannagi

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Closing Up Shop

It’s been a few years since I started blogging and I’m sure a lot of my original readers have noticed a huge, huge change in writing style and substance, as well as the many shifts in post subjects. Furthermore, as a testament to my complete inability to dedicate myself to anything, I have two game guide/translation projects on indefinite hiatus, probably never to be resurrected again. Still, reminiscing on all that makes me feel a little sad, because today I’ll be closing the blog.
Lately, other things in life – college in particular – have, are, and are continuing to keep my busy and I don’t think I can contribute that much time and effort into posting anymore, as evidenced by my last post which was weeks ago. Maybe I’ll still lurk on Twitter and chat on IRC, but blogs… no thanks.

It’s been a fun time with you guys. I’ll see you around sometime.

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