Disclaimer: This guide is no longer updated. I will no longer take any responsibility for any and all information here which may be wrong.

A less-than-comprehensive guide to the doujin game, “Recettear“, by EasyGameStation. This is, by no means, complete. The game itself is massive, with hundreds (I think) of items, and there is no way in hell that I will ever, ever screencap those or translate the game’s dialogue. What I want to do is to perhaps, ease the difficulty of playing a Japanese, text-heavy game for those who aren’t experienced in this. Again, this is by no means complete, nor is it 100% accurate, but I’d like to think that experience makes up for it. Anyway, let’s get started.

Main Screen
The Interface
Day 1
Time of the day, End of day reports, Price Fluctuation
Going to the dungeon – Basics
Basic words and phrases

First of all, the configuration.

Click for larger image

We’ll assume that you will use the default settings, so let’s move on.

the controls are as follows:

Arrow Keys – Movement/Selection
Z – Accept
X – Cancel
C – Item Details
V – Change camera angle
W – Pause Menu
Esc – Pause Menu

Arrow Keys – Movement/Selection
Z – Attack
X – Skill
C – Change skill
V – Change camera angle
W – Pause Menu
Esc – Pause Menu

Now the actual game screen.

Main Menu:
New Game – New Game. Duh.
Load Game – Load previously saved game progress.
アイテム図鑑 – Item Encyclopedia (view items from the game in here)
Option – See below.
Exit – Exit.

Note: If you’re playing for the first time, you won’t have the “Load Game” function until you save.

Options Menu:
Music – Toggle BGM Volume
SE – Toggle Sound Effects Volume
Voice – Toggle Voice Volume
メッセージ速度 – Toggle Text Display Speed (slow-normal-fast, default is normal)
未読スキップ – Skip unread text (on-off, default is off)
セーブデータを消去 – Delete all save data (definitely not recommended)

Now to explain the interface:

The Shop:

The Town:

The Merchant’s Guild:

The Market:

Other stuff to note when buying:

(no number means unlimited stock)


Starting a new game:

Day 1:

Select New Game. You may skip through any events by hitting W or Esc and selecting はい. To cancel, press either X or select いいえ.

Eventually, after two dialogues, you’ll end up at this screen.

You can’t really do much so just leave the store for now. (I’ll explain the interface later)

It’s common sense, really, on where you should go.
After the dialogue, you’ll get this screen.

That bastard of a fairy won’t let you leave without buying anything, so just buy some random crap and be on your merry way back to your shop (bottom center area).

You’ll notice that your shop has these tables with dividers. These are where your items will be displayed and sold. Just walk up to any partition and press Z. You’ll bring up this menu:

You can choose whatever item you want to place on sale. Up and down to change items, left and right to change categories. Choose なし if you don’t want anything on the table.
The table by the windowsill tends to sell items better (I think) so put your good stuff there. For this day, just place whatever you bought (ie: worn-out sword) and the walnut bread (you also have it) on one partition each. After that, go to the area behind the cashier’s table, press Z and you’ll hop onto the chair immediately. After the dialogue, hop onto the chair again.

When the customer comes in, you’ll eventually end up at this screen:

Don’t bother with the price, as it’s already fine as is. Press Z, select “オッケー!” (the other choice brings you back, should you decide to change prices) and congratulations! You’ve just made your first sale!
After this, Day 1 ends. Hooray.

Time of the day, End of day reports, Price Fluctuation:

The day is divided into 4 parts: Morning, Noon, Dusk, and Night.
Selling = 1 koma (part)
Going out to buy stuff = 1 koma
Going to the dungeon = 2-3 komas

Leaving the shop, but not going anywhere else will not use of a koma.

At the end of the day, you will get this kind of a report:

Every so often, the news ticker will pop up and either: (a) annouce an event of sorts (check the world map for any blinking locations), or (b) announce a change in prices.

When (b) occurs, shop prices will either increase (item is color red) or decrease (item is color blue).

Going to the dungeon – Basics:

Going to the dungeon is easy and is generally required for you to make your weekly quota.

Go to the world map and proceed to the Adventurers’ Guild.

After any dialogues you may have, you’ll end up at this screen.

Normally, you’ll have only Ryui to start with, but you’ll eventually get more and more people.

Once you’ve picked your character, you’ll be taken to this screen. You can bring equipment (use C to check if he/she can equip it first!), food, and whatever else you want. Note that you only have a maximum inventory space of 20 items and if you get knocked out in the middle of the dungeon, you can only bring back one item in your inventory.

Basically, kill enemies, pick up items, etc. Pretty simple really. Stick around for too long though, and ghosts will start popping up. They look like red clouds with lightning and are pretty tough. No, they do not give (much) XP.

Every floor of a dungeon has these red portals. Step onto them, select はい and proceed. Press X or select いいえ if you want to stay a bit more.

At the end of each dungeon segment (every 5 floors), you’ll either encounter a boss, or in this case, a treasure chest. When you defeat a boss, you’ll have the option to either go on, in the form of the red portal, or to go back to town through the red door. Note that each segment takes up 1 Koma of your time, so make sure not to spend too long in the dungeon.

And some basic words and phrases:

いくらで売ろうかな?(Ikura de urou kana?)
How much will you sell this?

いくらで買い取ろう?(Ikura de kaitorou?)
How much will you buy this?

帽子 (Boushi)
Caps / Hats

武器 (Buki)

食べ物 (Tabemono)

食品 (Shokuhin)

本 (Hon)

ブーツ (Buutsu)

アクセソリー (Akusesorii)

甘い物 (Amaimono)

防具 (Bougu)

指輪 (Yubiwa)

腕輪 (Udewa)

マフラー (Mafuraa)
Muffler (Ryui likes to buy these)

マント (Manto)

お宝 (Otakara)

棚 (Tana)

じゅうたん (Jyuutan)

壁紙 (Kabegami)

床 (Yuka)

薬 (Kusuri)

金属製 (Kinzokusei)
“Made of metal” (no idea what qualifies under this)

洋服 (Youfuku)
Western Clothes

__ 日(Hi)
__ Days

__ 個 (Ko)
Number of a particular thing

予約 (Yoyaku)
Reservation (advance orders)

攻撃 (Kougeki)

14 Responses to “Recettear Guide”

  1. 1 lucid
    January 1, 2008 at 11:43 pm

    ahh great, i was having trouble telling the difference between buying and selling so this should solve the problem. thanks!

  2. 2 -Z-
    January 3, 2008 at 7:22 am

    … hm, I’m on the ninth day, but still can’t go to any dungeon other than the first two… wonder what I’m missing, I mean I cleared both of them…

  3. 3 -Z-
    January 3, 2008 at 1:48 pm

    ok, 23rd day. finally got another playable besides lui…. now if only I had a new dungeon to crawl. I gotta get 200k together now! T_T I barely made the 80k and that was with going for broke. X_x if there’s any one flaw I’m finding it’s that the more valuable items don’t tend to sell; I had an apple pie on the front shelf untill halfway through week 2 and nobody even looked at it.

    it is indeed a good game but… man, does it ever call for a serious guide. we hopes ye’ll give it a go? XD

  4. 4 lucid
    January 4, 2008 at 12:12 am

    a good way to make money is to make use of the merchant’s guild’s combination system. for some, you can buy all the ingredients at the market and come up with a sizeable profit, enough so that you don’t need to worry about money anymore for the rest of the game.

    for now, i’m having problems with activating events. it seems like i missed out on a lot of people to adventure with by the end of the first loop. for example, you needed to fetch the mage something at the market. i forgot what but he paid 6800 for it, so i’m guessing whatever he needed is around there.

    great guide so far

  5. 5 -Z-
    January 5, 2008 at 8:30 am

    among stuff caillou wants, there’s bat wing, there’s lizard on a stick… now, I dunno though if it’s slime’s liver he wants… then again, last couple times he came in, recette just kinda “uuuuugh”‘d about it regardless of what I have in stock. I kinda wonder why she doesn’t just have tear deal with him since they seem to get along better.

    actually the whole “order” thing keeps messin’ me up since I don’t read kanji.

    I’ve *seen* the archer, but recette and tear didn’t speak to her. I have the girl I think is a golem(arma) loitering around my store a lot, I’ve run into the spear girl a bunch, maybe soon she’ll find her way into town.(AND HOPEFULLY THE ADVENTURER’S GUILD) *sweat* at least charme finally became useable.

  6. 6 -Z-
    January 6, 2008 at 12:52 pm

    progress update: spear girl found her way to my shop, as did some guy who’s kinda clearly a fist fighter. third dungeon opened, but somehow I think I’m not gonna make the 200k. >.< the “mage comes in, recette goes uuuuuugh, mage leaves” thing happened again. not sure what I’m missing to make that not happen.

  7. 7 lucid
    January 6, 2008 at 11:15 pm

    did you try buying the 3 ingredients from the market instead of using dungeon found ones instead? that might make a difference since he was satisfied with them, even on the first day he showed up.

  8. 8 jack
    January 7, 2008 at 10:52 am

    I got the spear girl to join~
    sometime after she shows up in your store try going to the bar
    I think theres an event where she gets drunk with charme then joins XD

  9. 9 -Z-
    January 12, 2008 at 9:52 am

    turns out my problem with caillou was that I did not have slime’s liver after all.
    as to spear girl (Nagi), that event isn’t NEEDED for getting her, as I managed to get her on my second loop, without any extra bar scenes. pretty well certain that Eran(fistfighter guy) is the only one you NEED to go to the bar for… after the bar, you next see him from an event from the merchant guild(though the place never does the “HEY LOOK I HAVE AN EVENT” lighting up thing).

    can’t have Arma (golem girl) untill post gameclear; there’s an event where you find out about the fifth dungeon (which is 100 floors). about halfway through you get to do some nanoha style befriending (as you had to do with charme, and with tiers[archer], and with Griffe[demon assassin guy]) on her, and then after clearing it the rest of the way you get her card.

  10. 10 cf
    March 14, 2008 at 3:23 am

    is anyone else playing version 1.1? i’m trying to get Arma (the robot/golem girl) and apparently we need to be in “Survival Mode” to get her after finishing at least one loop. my question is does it matter which “Survival Mode” you play in version 1.1, the first option or the second option? thanks!

  11. 11 Dean
    March 25, 2008 at 7:40 pm

    Got a prob with the Tiers Encounter…
    I have seen her at the park once,gone to the 30th floor of Garden of Amber,but she won’t show up…
    Is there another event?

  12. 12 Munyu
    August 3, 2008 at 12:35 pm

    I met Nagi, the spear girl THREE TIMES. Why isn’t she joining! And Charme as well!! Argh no1 is joinin x.x

  13. 13 mahr
    May 25, 2009 at 2:16 pm

    thanks!! ur a god… can’t find any translation.. but your guide is really awesome

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