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Artbook: Comic Party Visual Fun Book

So I was browsing the local figure forum for any neat stuff, and I came across the ComiPa artbook. Seeing as it was only going for 600 Pesos, about 14 USD, I saw no reason why I shouldn’t get it.

To be honest, I have no clue on who Mitsumi Misato, Kanro Yuu (is that how you pronounce his name?), and Nakamura Takeshi are. I’d only periodically see things from them if it concerned anything Leaf, but no more.
First thing to note is that since the game was released 9 years ago, the artwork is definitely a bit dated. The shading in particular, is a little flat for some of the work. However, taking into consideration that CG technology wasn’t exactly as advanced as today’s Photoshop Suites, the artwork, particularly Mitsumi’s, is rather well-done.
Another thing to note – the artwork from game CG section (and basically any part that involves the game’s graphics) is rather blurry beyond a roughly 9 square inch picture. This is very clearly seen when a low resolution game CG is scaled to a full page – pixels all over the place. No one can be really faulted here though, because I’m assuming no one really bothered to make higher resolution CG suitable for large prints.
There aren’t too many illustrations in the illust. collection, though they’re not that few either. However, one totally awesome thing about this is that it comes with a five page pullout poster, fuck yeah. I wish it came with two though, because I’m not going to cut that single one out. However, if it did come with another one, I’d have it framed in mahogany or something and hang it in my room.
Nitpicking aside, I honestly don’t know if I would’ve bought this if it hadn’t been easily available at such an affordable price. Since that isn’t the case though, I’d say this is worth it, but not so much if you don’t like the artists’ styles.

A whole bunch of other pictures after the jump.

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Lucky Star Gashapon

For a country that has a relatively low demand for figures (save for the proper hobby shops), gashapon seem to be quite popular. Despite forcing you to fork out the equivalent of two US dollars per figure, on average, some gashapon are actually pretty awesome, like that Hayate no Gotoku cellphone strap one, or well, this.

Kagami~n ❤

and no, I’m not telling where I got her.


Quick Figure Write-up: Kinoshita Rumi

This time it’s Kotobukiya’s Kinoshita Rumi from Pia Carrot! To be more specific, she’s from “Welcome to Pia Carrot G.O.” I got her just this evening when I sold Ryouko to Snacks just a few hours ago. He decided to have us meet in a toy store, and well, when you just got money, and you’ve been looking at a figure at 50% off, well… yeah.

The rest of the shitty pictures plus a bit of commentary on the shoot after the jump.

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Even More Spring Impressions

Since I get back awfully late everyday, I haven’t found the time to take, process, and upload screenshots, so the posts will just have a single screenshot and some randomass wallpapers at the beginning and end.

Shows covered: Wagaya no Oinari-sama, Kazoku Kyouran Nikki, >Nabari no Ou, Kurenai

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Happy Birthday to me.

Isn't it sad, Sacchin?
Isn’t it sad, Sacchin?

So I turned 17 on April 17 and spent the day getting a Social Security number, playing beatmania Complete Mix 2, IIDX, and eating steak.

Oh, and my aunt gave me what is possibly one of the sexiest accessories you could have for your computer.


Unfortunately, I have a job orientation tomorrow and the day after, work starts Sunday with a 6-day work schedule and Japanese classes.


PS: I swear I’ll get to the rest of the shows, considering I’ve already blazed through maybe half of them.


More Spring Impressions

What I felt like after watching To LOVE-Ru

I’ve been feeling under the weather recently (colds, sore eyes, and all that), not to mention I have a summer job coming in a few days, so I’ll keep this short.

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Special A 01


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