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I’m not totally sure yet, but a friend lent me a gig of webspace for an indefinite period of time, so I guess I’m moving? I’m not sure. I do hope he ups the memory limit on the php.ini there though, 8 mb is not enough at all.

edit: I totally forgot to mention the site itself orz


why you should join Japan’s navy.

oh god I lawled.



東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith (Touhou Fujinroku ~Mountain of Faith) demo is out!


So onto first impressions…

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finally, a post on gaming. sorta.

Okay, I’ve been busy with a good number of games these past few weeks; hence, my slow post rate. I’ll go by them one-by-one.

Lumines Plus (PS2)

I’ve heard a good number of people saying it’s a lot worse compared to the original PSP version, but seeing as I’ve approached this game with very little expected (save for good music and such), I’ve been slightly pleased with this game. Slightly.
Basically, this comes with a few modes; challenge mode, basically just one player, but what’s irritating is that you’ll need to start from scratch every single time. Next is time attack (or was that score attack? I forget), which is the same, only with a time limit. We also have two player versus and versus the CPU; both self explanatory. Puzzle mode is basically single player, but with no skins and it requires you to form shapes within a time limit. Seemed simple at the time, but it’s somewhat tough considering you’ll might accidentally create a chain of squares and destroy the shape that was *this* close to completion.
It’s a shame that there’s not really a lot this version adds to the original. It feels weirder to use a controller, rather than a handheld too (even if I never played Lumines on the PSP).
Basically fun, but not really something I’d devote my time to.

Trapt (PS2)

Another game in Tecmo’s “Deception” series wherein you use traps to kill your foes.
The story was kinda decent, but it seemed somewhat familiar already (or I’ve just seen too much anime). Graphics are pretty good, but considering what FFXII can do, I’m sure they could’ve done better with it. Something that disappointed me was the lack of a tech tree, which was present in “Kagero: Deception 2”; it makes properly developing traps harder to do. Decent replay value, as far as I’m concerned: three endings, two costumes and some other stuff that needs a bit of work to get to. Another awesome thing is that they all speak in Japanese, which was quite a surprise. All the men’s voices were all deep and manly, and Alicia (Allura in the English adaptation) had such a cute voice.
One evident issue in this game is lag. It lagged so much when a whole bunch of traps activated. Lots of errors with the English too, like, “Belfry room key You created.” Shame on the editor or whoever was checking this stuff.
Still, it’s a good, short game to play. About one to two weeks to clear, and then double that for getting whatever other extras are left.
As a parting note on this game, Alicia and Rachel are hot.

This does not have any relation to the post’s actual topic.

Gradius V (PS2)

Ah yes, it’s been ages since I’ve played this. Treasure did a good job with this, it feels like a modern version of Gradius, but still retains a good bit of the old qualities that made it good.
Graphics are top notch; the lasers all give off a cool glow and everything looks great. Not too much replay value here though, but then, since when did STGs need replay value? It’s like a built-in feature already. No idea about the previous Gradiuses, but this one had a loop feature. Basically, when you finish the game, you start over but with a higher difficulty level. It’s neat, but doesn’t really pull you in. I got to the fourth loop though, before I quit, so I guess it kinda worked?
Can’t really say anything else about this one, I’m far too biased with STGs nowadays.

Rez (PS2)

Ah yes, the infamous Rez with its trance vibrator. I didn’t get it, but after playing for a good amount of time, my hands were totally numb from the vibration of the controller.
It’s basically a sensory overload, with seizure-inducing light patterns, a damn good techno/trance soundtrack, and a controller that vibrates along with the music. It’s a short game, one that can be beaten in a couple of hours, but you’ll wanna just keep on coming back to play it over and over again. It’s just the experience from playing it that other games can’t match. There are a lot of things to be unlocked as well, with different endings, nine other modes, and a whole lot of other stuff.

Neither does this.

planetarian ~ちいさなほしのゆめ~ (PS2)

Ah yes, the PS2 port of the most wonderful kinetic novel on earth. No explanation is required as to why I’m playing (or rather, reading) this.

虫姫さま (PS2)

And the final game, Mushihimesama. One of Cave’s most well-known STGs, along with Dodonpachi, Esp Ra. De. and Espgaluda. The danmaku action we all know and love is back, along with two other difficulty levels and an arrange mode, which is so damn fun. Gallery mode is pretty cool too; at least you feel like you’re getting more than what you should normally be getting from an STG release.
Always fun to pick up and play, and Goddamn, the final boss’s patterns still burn my eyes.

In addition to all this stuff, I’ve recently acquired a nice stick from Hori. It’s their Tekken 4 stick, and it is oooooold. I totally would’ve gotten this better one, but some ass bought it like, half an hour before I went into the store at Virra Mall. Whoever you are, I hope you get assraped and bleed to death and rot in hell.

Have a Hayate.


just random news. again.


Seems like Da Capo II is getting an anime now.
I’m not really a fan of anything Da Capo-related, so I won’t go any further than this. Looks to be promising though, so I might take a gander at it. Maybe.

Lastly, According to Warashi’s site, Alter is making a figure of Exelica. Currently no release date, but goddamn, it looks awesome. (3) Pictures under the cut.

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Figure Review: Alter’s 1/8 Fate Testarossa

Wow, I’ve been searching for Fate ever since last October, and I’ve finally gotten her just on Labor Day. I attribute the late arrival due to the fact that WasabiToys ships by sea. Probably caused those dents in the box too.
Before I get to the review, I’d like to show the studio I’ve used for Fate’s photoshoot. I’d have done this outdoors at night, but I lack proper lighting and photography equipment (and skills orz).

For the record, this is my dad’s table, not mine. My table is only six square feet, and my computer’s already on it.

I wanna thank super rats for that tutorial he wrote on figure photography. The lamp behind the diffuser is an Omni GXHO31 (couldn’t find it on Google, but whatever). The one on the upper right is another Omni, but I lost the box (and it’s not mine anyways) so no idea on the model. Both are not really recommended for stuff like this, considering they can’t go very far in terms of “proper” lighting. I used 9 Watt fluorescent bulbs on both lamps, which is why the lighting is so poor. There’s another 21 Watt fluorescent bulb at the top, which I generally use if there’s insufficient lighting.
The camera used was a Sony Cybershot DSC-P150. 7 megapixels, but macro mode leaves little to be desired. White balance is awful too; I couldn’t get the proper white in any preset mode, and it didn’t offer manual white balance either. “You work with what you have”, I guess.
As you can see, the diffuser is poorly constructed (thrown together with random scrap parts) and the white background that you’ll later see in the pictures that follow is really bad too. I guess I just suck really really bad at photography.

Another thing to point out: the huge huge box.

Slim PS2 to the lower left, Excel Saga DVD 1 to the right; for comparison.

Seriously, no matter how big the box seems to be, it’s probably bigger than that. I mean, it couldn’t fit into my backpack, and that thing could fit all my school textbooks inside. It’d probably fit in tjhan’s otaku bag though, ahaha.

Now, onto the review.

Oh God, the point and shoot camera’s white balance modes suck ass.

There are three key points in this figure for me. Fate’s pose, Fate’s cape, and Bardiche Zanber.
Her pose is quite a dynamic one; it creates the scene of her soaring into the sky to deal a deadly blow to her enemy. Her left leg is lifted up, and her skirt follows suit; in the same way, that makes it so much easier for you to take an upskirt shot.
The cape is huge; without it, the box’s size would’ve probably been halved. It’s made of rigid ABS plastic (I think) so it definitely won’t be warping anytime soon. The colors and shading of the said cape are brilliant. The way the colors lighten or darken on the cape give it an extraordinarily stunning appearance. Additionally, Fate’s giant tuft of hair on the side (as with all Triangle Heart-based characters) is kept, along with her trademark twintails.
The hair, cape, and probably just about everything feel very solid, and give the impression that even in a year’s time, she won’t deform in the slightest.

Oh yes, this is probably the worst picture I took (asides from those deleted ones) thanks to the shitty, shitty color.

Finally, the final point of focus on this figure: Bardiche Zanber. The gem is clearly visible, and really pretty to look at. The blade itself isn’t too shabby either. The edges are quite sharp and the middle area is much more opaque and gives off this feeling of etched glass, even though it’s plastic. The two exhaust pipes of sorts are also visible, and the metal hilt gives a much better look and feel than the plastic hilts of most other swords.
Another thing, Fate’s clothing is unbelievably glossy. I mean, her stockings, her belt, the cape… it’s quite dazzling compared to most other figures.
Unfortunately, the figure has a few problems that plague it as well. The dreaded hair seam is incredibly visible here. Not only that, her right arm is a little too straight considering that it’s a giant sword she’s holding, albeit made of energy. Still, nine-year olds don’t just go gripping that kinda stuff without even flinching in the slightest. There are a good number of seamlines around her as well, such as her left er… posterior. These setbacks are pretty much present in 90% of PVCs though, but still minus points for her.

The quality of my studio is evidently seen by that tape in the background.

– Rock-solid
– Awesome pose and sword
– Beautiful expression and sculpt
– Incredible shading and coloring
– Fate is love and win
– Bardiche is really really heavy (may bend at some point; remedied by resting the end on a cotton ball)
– Cape is unbelievably prone to collecting dust
– Hugebox is huuuuuuge
– Really really noticeable hairline seam
– The owner/photographer sucks at what he does.

Overall score: 93%

All-in-all, an incredibly good figure, with just a pinch of minor setbacks from the PVC molding process. Definitely worth it, even if it’s worth two weeks of your pay.


Obligatory upskirt shot

You can find the other few shots I took here.



OMGYES I’ve finally gotten my Alter Fate, thanks to no working on Labor Day. I’ve had to walk two times from my house to Bionic Toys (the distribution center for WasabiToys); the second because I completely forgot my money LOL.

Apparently, only three of them ever came, and two people came and ordered one and two, leaving me with nothing. Thankfully, Ohlord (obviously just a nickname :V), the guy who ordered two, let me just buy the other one, which was basically the same, except it had a beaten up box. Many thanks go to him for letting a fellow Fate fan have it.

Anyway, Fate’s box is huuuuuge. In fact, her box is almost four times as big as EBCraft’s Saber’s box. Fate herself isn’t small either; Bome’s Ignis takes up about a fifth of a single shelf whilst Fate takes up an entire half.

Now I wonder if I should bother taking bad photos of her, even though someone else already did it…?

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