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Fall Season Reviews: Part 2, SaiMoé, and random rambling.

3. Bartender

The anime about a bartender. So, is it really the Cheers of anime? (as Hung had mentioned before)

The animation quality is pretty much acceptable, seeing as it’s never really the point here. A LOT of CG is used for the anime, mostly in the portions where they focus on the drink / cocktail being made. A good amount of scenes also have really low framerates too (like, they’re not moving at all), which makes sense, because this show is intended to relax you.

There really isn’t much to talk about in the show, seeing as it’s pointless to describe a show where nearly nothing exciting happens at all, I guess I should wrap this up.

I think this show works on an episodic basis, with most episodes not really having to do anything with each other. So it’d probably work out to something like: “Customer has problem, customer goes to bar, bartender gives some liquor, customer’s problem is solved.” Or something to that extent. I was kinda hoping the customers would give a more humorous reaction to the drinks though, a la Yakitake.

The ending (no not the song, the video) adds points to it too, since they showed an actual bartender mixing a Grasshopper (which you will be seeing the show), and I guess that adds to the authenticity of the show (eg: you can actually mix the drinks).

Well, I guess that’s it. If you want an action-packed show, stay far, far away from this, unless you get off to Whiskey on ice.

(moar to come, I hope)

In Saimoe Finals:
Fate vs Suiseiseki


… I blame 4chan.
Damn you people. Suiseiseki may be cute, but she, in my eyes, is not considered Moé anymore. Clearly, Fate was supposed to win. In fact, looking at the past rounds, Fate won every single match by several hundred votes, ans suddenly, she loses. Clearly an inconsistency. In any case, I feel like making random hate posts on /b/, but “I, quoting Kyonichi, have gone to a level beyond that already.”

and just for those who still don’t know, here are the final standings: link

Also, another reason why HD is really good. [link]
No, it’s not High Definition, but it is one of the things the made me laugh really, really hard.

Oh, and I just wanna get this out of my system:

ah, I feel so much better.

and on yet another note, Max Factory’s Ignis is finally out!
only 1 picture can describe my feelings about this now, and that is this.
Yes, that is actually one of the staff of Max Factory smiling and waving a box of hawt Ignis.
[note: my *cough*free*cough* webhoster is a bitch, so here’s the URL, kopipe.

hm…. I feel like I wanna do an intelligent entry, but forget it. DESU has ruined this post :V

Edit: I phail html


Fall Season Reviews: Part 1

Well, as I may have mentioned way, way earlier, there are quite a number of new anime series that I am gonna watch, so a short go-over of some of the stuff I’ve seen is pretty mandatory now.

1. Kanon

Ah yes, the anime hailed as the best (probably) anime for this fall season. The best looking remake of a show for most, the second coming of the messiah for others. So how does it fare?

To clear things up, I’ve never seen the original Kanon anime, therefore I have nothing to base all this stuff I’m talking about on, but from what I’ve heard, the show was mostly filler-ish, and all the drama and stuff was compressed into 6 (or so) episodes. Now as far as the Kanon remake goes, it also seemed mostly like filler. But hey, that’s okay, since this is Kyoto Animation we’re talking about, and we all know the magic they’ve created with FMP!, Air, and Haruhi right?

The first episode centers mostly on the relationship between KyonYuuichi and Nayuki, and later, Yuuich and Ayu. Probably a third of the entire episode was just pure flashback anyway, so I’ll just say this episode was simply created for introductory purposes. I liked the way they only focused on two girls at a time though, it gives me time to remember their names (though as if I’d forget anyway). Oh, and the AYUSPIN and the SLOW MOTION TAIYAKI ENJOYMENT were pretty much the highlights of this episode.

The animation was superb, perhaps beating even Haruhi’s quality. The backdrops, as expected, were breathtaking, the snow actually looked more like snow than little white floating dots, and the characters finally have smaller (though still relatively large) cheeks too. The cameos of every single character were also appreciated, as they give the existing fanbase (not me) something extra to look out for.

The background music was really good, but then because this is based off Kanon, it should be good. Voice actors, as I’ve heard, were the same people, except Yuuichi, who is now Kyonichi. A good thing? I really don’t know. KyoAni loves to hire Tomokazu Sugita though.

Anyways, all-in-all, this was a damn good episode, great backdrops, great music, great animation, and it’s based from a great game. I swear, if you don’t watch this, you have something wrong with you (unless you don’t watch it because you hate Kanon).

2. Death Note

Ah, Death Note, the anime that came after its live action counterpart. The manga is pretty well known (and quite good, if I do say so myself), and the anime kinda seems pretty faithful to the manga, which in this case, is a Good Thing.

I actually forgot most of the stuff so I guess I can’t say much. The pacing is a little slow, but it makes sense for a pilot episode. I just hope they speed things up with the anime. The main focus, IMO, were the scenes with the dramatic zoom and motion blur, showing Light’s heavy usage of the notebook in a few short days. The animation, coupled with the very powerful, dramatic music, and Light’s increasingly maniacal narration, intensified his (rather insane) desire to eliminate all evil from the world.

So far, it seems pretty good. A little high on my “to-watch” list, and definitely something to look out for.

and that’s it. stay tuned for the next shitty review or two eh?

PS: I actually have already seen a whole lot more, including, but not limited to: Tokimeki Memorial: Only Love, Yoake Mae blahblahblah Crescent Love, Busou Renkin, Negima?! and Happiness!. It’s just that I’ve been too swamped with work (Quarterly Tests in a week) so I can’t blog… at all :V.

PPS: Saimoe Standings… to be added some other time I guess. Or just look here.


Zero no Tsukaima: Volume 1 Chapter 1 Translation complete.


So…. I should really, really review “planetarian ~ちいさなほしのゆめ~”


Oh, I got the enterbrain Saber figure.

The best part? I got it at like, 2,000 pesos, which is like, less than USD $40. And the price on Hobby Link is a bit less USD $80. Win.

Of course, lower prices may mean lesser quality. In my case, a slightly chipped bit of armor on the side, slightly bad job on the back area, and a bit of gray was painted on her shoulder. That sucks. Oh, and her face was kinda just ._. -ish.

Well, whatever.


and Kyoto Animation better make a planetarian OVA or movie or something. Hell, they could make it 10-hours and it would be magic, because ANYTHING WITH YUMEMI IS BEAUTIFUL AND MAGIC AND WIN.

I should write better entries

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