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Tsukihime stuffs

Just after acquiring Tsukihime from… sources, I swore to myself that I would not, no matter what circumstances, play it.

Boy, I am weak.

So after about 2 weeks of on-and-off play, I’ve managed to complete both Arc routes and both Ciel routes. As for the true Arc route, it was pretty much the same thing as the stuff from that anime (which I’ll write about sometime later), so it’s pretty much the same. The good ending was kinda what I expected, yet I still preferred this over the true ending, if only because it was happy.

For the Ciel endings, both ended pretty happily, so it’s all good. The good ending for her’s is so much better though, because it’s a h***m end.

Now to tackle Akiha’s, Hisui’s and Kohaku’s routes (in that particular order).

PS: I wanna just strangle the guy who sneaked in some chili peppers into my tamarind candies :V


I can’t think of a title, so I’m putting in this filler text as a replacement.

I seriously mean what the title says. Right now, my brains seems so dead, and I have to write an essay about a documentary. But enough of my shitty, fucked up life in high school.

Firstly, this news is both funny, and a possible warning to Wii owners.
If you haven’t already heard about it (and I doubt you haven’t), some guy made an XBOXHUEG crack on a 60″ TV because his WiiMote’s strap snapped off while he was pulling off a bowling move.
Well, whatever. I’d take that TV even if it had a fucking crack on it though, as long as it’s free.
[Kotaku link: here]

Secondly, get Rainlendar.
Seriously, it’s like the best desktop calendar application ever. It’s transparent, so you can see your happy little wallpaper, you can program to-do lists and events, and some other features I really don’t remember. Best of all, it’s FREE!

A big shout out to moyism for indirectly introducing me to Rainlendar.

Finally, Scratch that, I forgot what I was gonna say. Finally, I noticed that a lot of people have made their way through my site because of my absolutely persistent comment whoring. Not only that, it seems that when other people link to your blog, your hit count doubles.



(I have less than 200 hits a day, so shut up T_T)

Either way, whatever.

PS: Seems that the most common search keywords on my blog are:
Soukou no Strain
“soukou no strain”
souko no strain

It seems we have quite a popular show here people…


I fucked up!

I double posted!

It’s wonderful!


random thoughts on Soukou no Strain.

Is it just me, or is S-Strain getting really popular now?
I mean, for the first couple of weeks since it’s first aired, almost no one talked about it. Now, I see more and more people talking about it; hell, I’ve been watching the raws already (the only other show I do that with is Kanon).

Perhaps it’s now “in” to talk about what isn’t talked about? Or maybe the series truly deserves all the spotlight. While not really making a completely new genre or something, it does quite a few things we don’t normally see on shows. Firstly, sub-characters get killed, and they get killed fast. Hell, in the first episode, Sara’s 3 friends, including one guy who is in love with her (albeit only one-sided), get killed in like, less than a minute. Not only that, the excessive fanservice, possibly more than Gundam, gets a litle grating. I guess it’s only normal though, since they pilot StrAIns in super tight suits.

okay, I’m just blabbering on about random stuff so I’ll shut up now :V

oh, and I found this interesting:

Oddly enough, Isabella and Mary from the first episode were both voiced by Tanaka Rie and both are already dead.

Thanks to Omni for pointing it out.

edit: My blog is now at 7th Place at Google :V


Why are you here?

Separated this from that stupidly long and crappy entry under this.

Because I just love to poke fun at those random people who stumble onto my blog through google, wordpress tag searching, etc., I’ll go over a few of the terms and places that led people here.

(note: combination of November 16 and 17)

Search Terms:
soukou no strain: 49 hits
Wow. Soukou no Strain’s really getting popular now. The last time I checked, there were only 3 or 4 blogs talking about this — me included.

Meido in blade: 16 hits
Okay, I have no idea how this is related to my blog at all. But, if you guys want Meido and blades… look no further: (NSFW)

t: 10 hits
Now what in fucking Christ’s name was this guy thinking? But in fact, I’ll satisfy his need for this oh so glorious letter:


Referrers: : 7 hits
Gee, no surprise there. Except that IT’S FUCKING SPANISH.… : 2 hits
Comment whoring blogs brings results.

And as a bit of trivia, if you go to google and type Soukou no Strain as your search keywords, this blog will be at the second spot, beating some sites like Random Curiosity, Anime News Network, and Animesuki sixth spot because Google haet me :V

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