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MaxFactory Fauna


…has arrived \o/

I was feeling really lazy didn’t have a lot of time on my hands, so I wasn’t able to take a good number of pictures (but in all honesty, I did, but then threw them all away because they sucked). Also, the less-than-ten people reading my blog may have noticed that I’ve changed my indoor shooting location to my display cabinet. This is simply because the overhead lighting, despite being yellow-tinted (thus, I have to use similarly colored lights for proper side lighting), is really good. I’m also lazy to move my figures out of their display case lol

Anyway, the other 4 shots after the jump; I’ll get to properly reviewing her once school stops kicking me in the balls.

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Had a class trip to Corregidor yesterday and took a good number of pictures. Unfortunately, since my point-and-shoot only had a 128 mB memory stick, I only took them in crappy low-res – one megapixel. Anyway, have some crappy pictures. They were all taken by a Sony Cybershot DSC-P150. Also, excuse the people in the pictures – this was a batch of nearly three hundred people, with two to three classes at one site at a given time.
Rather than following the flow of the tour, I’ll go in order of ruins – batteries – memorials – tunnel – landscapes. Note that this is less than a fifth of what I took, though most of the pictures were poorly taken anyway.

Warning!: Picture-heavy post.

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Asakura Ryouko.

My Ryouko has arrived :3

It’s up to Snacks whether or not he’s gonna buy her from me, but at the moment, she stays with me. I’ve been really, really lazy busy with schoolwork, but I’ll eventually get to taking some proper pictures. For now, I just have these that I took in a rush this morning.



PS: 3 gB of space. I now officially love


Doujin Game Review: Es (Trial Edition Beta)


I put up a Youtube video here, if you’re interested. It gets cut off though, since I ran out of HD space for recording. Also, excuse the poor playing.

Way, way back, over half a year ago, I put up a quick review in my now defunct former blog of the Trial Edition Alpha of Es. In Comiket73, 9thNight came out with the next trial, which does leave me wondering when the real thing’s gonna come out. But enough of that. What exactly are the marked differences between the Alpha and the Beta?

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I am fine again

Well, for the most part. My face is horribly filled with marks from chickenpox (laugh at me here), but I’ve been well enough to work with the computer for the last few days now.

Anyway, I’ve really fallen back in terms of stuff to write about, no thanks to Navy Field (it’s a technically shitty game; don’t play it), but now I’m back! More or less. I’ll get to writing on Es sometime soon.


I am sick.


Yes I am. Posting resumes when I get better.


Doujin Game Review: ETHER VAPOR

This was pretty popular back in C72 (at least, from my perspective) and people were already wondering when the hell Edelweiss would come out with the full version. Thankfully, it did this Comiket73. So what exactly has changed? Well, another four stages have been added to the demo version’s three, which totals up to 7 stages. There has been a massive upgrade in the graphics, and some other things.

Here’s a video you can have loaded in the background so you can watch it after reading.

Anyway, for starters, let’s take a look at the weapons:

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