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Comments on current anime

As of the moment, I’m watching only a few shows at a time. Baccano!, myself; yourself, CLANNAD, and a number of others. So far, here are my thoughts on how a few are going so far:

Baccano! (completed)
The pacing is a little bit of a problem, yet it’s also one of the show’s stronger points as well. It keeps one drawn to the screen, yet because the viewer is expected to remember all the things that’ve happened, it can be hard at times to keep pace with the story and its many, many events. I also found that a lot of the characters were rather one-sided, or at least seemed to be because they weren’t really given much backstory or depth. All in all though, as I may have mentioned months and months ago, Baccano! is meant to be a fun, enjoyable watch, which it most definitely is.

myself; yourself
It was rather good at the beginning, though it’s beginning to taper off into crapiness. If I remember correctly, the show was set to have 13 episodes, and as its stands, there are far too many subplots to cover in the remaining 4 episodes. We’ve got that insane old woman killing cats, the troubled household of the twins, and that arsonist uncle. At this rate, we could have an anime that has unfinished subplots, or one that’s totally rushed. Either way, we would probably end up with a bad taste in our mounths.

Shakugan no Shana II
Thankfully, we’ve moved from Shana Days, to… a backstory on Margery. Not that I’m complaining, of course, but we’ve already reached the 1/3rds mark, and I’ve yet to see the actual story move.

Is still awesome even if there’s far too much Fuuko and not enough Kyou, Nagisa, and Tomoyo.




I gots me a Kureha~

I must’ve gone through like, 5 boxes just to get the perfect one. I got Php 100 off her too since they couldn’t find my pre-order reciept, so they’ll just let me transfer it to another figure, like Rein.

Anyway, off to Japanese classes again. I got midterms today. I got a new teacher, so tests were moved to next week which, coincidentally, is also JLPT week. OTL

PS: Kureha is so awesomely huge (or is that hugely awesome?) that she couldn’t fit in my bookshelf. DOUBLE OTL


Reinforce II PVC



By Alter, to be released April 2008 at 6,090 Yen (5,800 w/o tax), sculpt is by Tsumezuka Hiroyuki. Coincidentally, I seem to be getting a lot of stuff by him (Fate Testarossa, Exelica, now Rein). Well, whatever. I can’t wait for Alter to turn his HAYATE THE MEISTER into a PVC too.

Boy, the more I look at these pictures, the more I want her.

PS: I get my Kureha tomorrow~


Koharubiyori – 01

Today, I finally talk about anime. For real.


The show’s premise is basically, “Otaku buys maid robot”. The guy and robot part kinda sorta reminded me of Chobits, the similarities end there. Instead of going for a much more serious robot-love sort of story, it’s essentially very, very perverted slapstick comedy. Well, as of now, anyway (though it’s not as if I have a problem with that).


The episode starts out with a prologue on how our protagonist, Takaya Murase, gets a maid robot. The show is set in a wonderful, wonderful future where there are robots with all sorts of personalities like tsundere and yandere. A particular one, lying on a couch for some unknown reason, pulls Takaya’s sleeve and calls him “My Master”. This moves him enough to have him buy her (what a loaded bastard).

Unfortunately, any further than this point is totally, completely not safe for work, so beware.

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random post

Lately, I’ve had nothing to write about. While talking about anime is fun and all, I am in no position to properly make summaries, let alone discuss a show. Nothing interesting’s happened in my life either, and I doubt I could ever make an editorial-type post. Perhaps I’ve run out of steam, like many others?

Either way, here’s some random wallpaper of the sky. The real one.


PS: yay my second quarter grades came in.


Why Most People Suck In Arcades or, I Had Nothing Else To Write About So I Wrote This

Every Saturday and/or Sunday, I always venture into an arcade for a good one to two hours, and in the time I’ve spent there, I have noticed one painfully, glaringly obvious fact: People Suck.

By the way, arcades are never this empty, except during opening and closing.

Nearly half the time someone plays, it’s some whiny little kid with his (it’s almost never a her anyway) loaded parents, who have hundreds loaded onto their cards/pockets at any given time. Those same kids that grab the HotD4 and TC4 guns and continuously hold them sideways (like a gangsta), smack them onto the plexiglass sheets and stomp on the foot pedals. The same kids that have Gold or Platinum Powercards because they spend 200 on a single Time Crisis 4 game. These people, which would probably fall under the “ignorant masses” are what arcade gamers are not supposed to be like. Arcades have toned down difficulties to meet their needs and this results in a really watered down experience for a lot of the more skilled folk out there.

Just a few moments ago though, I read this article on “arcade culture” from and it just helped me realize just why much of the locals here suck at the arcade.

Much of the article was made up of introducing and expounding on the unwritten “One-Credit-Clear rule” that arcades, mostly the ones in Japan, introduced. The essence of what I got was basically that people (should) never, ever continue in an arcade because logically, by continuing, one does two rather stupid things to himself: a) because he lacked the skills to progress that person will end up losing more money by continually dying, and b) denies himself from improving skills because he just bought his way through the game.

4 barricade icons? How insulting.

Anyway, the reason why people here (and in many other places) suck is because of their failure to adhere to the basic philisophy of “1CC”. Things like consoles and emulators, in my opinion, are the greatest source of this. The latter runs arcade games on freeplay, essentially going against the entire idea of not continuing, while the former contains games so god-forsakeningly easy that once people got used to their difficulty levels, going to the arcade to 1CC Time Crisis 4 was just, perhaps, asking for the impossible. For them, at least.

Oh, what I would give for a Mushihimesama cabinet…

Another consequence of the consoles’ appearances is the near-death of most skill-based games (outside of Japan, Korea, and some other places). The introduction of the Role-Playing-Game genre (those that require time, not skill, to finish) and the toning down of difficulty for games, caused shoot ’em ups and many other genres to either become extinct or be almost exclusively published and distributed in Japan, but I digress.

Perhaps, as the article speculates, there will come a time when skill-based games will truly be looked up to once again. Unfortunately, that time is not now.

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