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Accounting for 2007

So I figured I ought to count up how much I spent on anime merchandise and such. Unfortunately, seeing as I never really thought of doing so until now, I never really kept track of when I bought the stuff. So when I say, “Accounting for 2007”, what I really meant was, “Accounting for everything until the end of 2007″. I figure as a new year’s resolution, I’ll keep better track of purchases and such for the years to come, though it would be rather difficult seeing as I’m not exactly proficient in the use of MS Excel (you may laugh at me now). I blame my school.

Anyway, have some charts!



Grand Total: Php 50,386

As one can see, manga is where most of the money went, with figures taking the second-highest amount. This can be attributed to my obsession with manga earlier this year, with figures taking center stage soon after. Not surprisingly, a lot of money was spent on magazines, thanks to stupid retailers and their price increases on Newtype magazines, which I have already stopped collecting, thanks to my other, more worthwhile hobbies.
I’m probably going to want to cut back on expenses next year, as I fully intend to save up for a DSLR, seeing as I want to add photography to my currently empty list of skills.

Oh, and if anyone’s interested, I’ve compiled a list of what I spent my money on.


And the spending never stops…

As if to cap off the year with a bang, I spend even more money on random crap. Damn impulse buying.

So if it isn’t already evident from the picture, I got an Asakura Yume Cushion and a box of Pita-ten trading cards. The former set me back about Php 1,500 which I guess is a pretty okay deal. The cover itself is JPY 2,500 while the body is JPY 1,000. Without shipping, mind you. The trading cards were even more of an impulse buy. The box was Php 250, which is a steal, really, considering each pack is JPY 371, with 12 packs in total.
I’ll probably end up counting the year’s expenses or something sometime soon.

Oh, on a side note, would anyone happen to know if the cushion and cover are washable? Would colors get faded and such with a machine wash? Would only dry cleaning work for it? etc. Any care tips are highly appreciated.

Hit the jump for a closer look at the pillow. (second picture is borderline NSFW)

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Switching over to tags

( ゚ ヮ゚) MITON GA SUKI!

I’ve finally gotten rid of the random crap populating the categories list and am now switching over to tags. Of course, seeing as I’m not that hardworking, all posts before this will become totally messed up and untagged, since I don’t know how to mass-tag tens of posts at a time. Anyway, yeah. tags. Whoo.

And did I mention my rip of moe has finally finished downloading?

Awesome Co2A goodness…

and a delicious trap.

Of course, images courtesy of


Random Gashapon thingies


For some reason or another, lots of toy shops around here now have 20-something gashapon cabinets each; why they only caught on now, I do not know. Most of it is junk though, like Hello Kitty, toy cars, “anatomy of the human body” (lol), and the like. If one gets lucky though, one may stumble upon a treasure or two, like Rozen Maiden bag straps, or, in my case, Hayate no Gotoku cellphone straps.

Sorry if a couple are blurry. My camera sucks :<

These things are expensive as fuck though, like, Php 100 (a little over $2 USD each) and I got like, 4 Nagis, 2 of which I gave as gifts.

So do any of you guys collect this sort of stuff?


Merry Christmas!

Though it doesn’t really feel very “merry”, does it?


I’ve noticed that my attitude towards this season of festivity has become radically different from what I used to experience. Though I can’t say the same for everyone, I can clearly sense the utter lack of merriment and gaiety in the atmosphere. Even in the municipality where I live, there is a distinct lack of Christmas parols, decorated lamp posts, and all sorts of other stuff. Some malls don’t even have much decoration, save for a couple of shops with random crap for sale. In any case, the Christmas spirit seems to be dying in most parts here.

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Quick purchases

I just came from some toy convention, the name of which has already slipped my mind, but I did do a bit of spending over there.

note: I would love to go on but my keyboard asploded lol.
I will get back to writing this post when I get a functioning keyboard.

I was supposed to go out and get a Logitech G11 (because I don’t need an LCD readout and I want a blue backlight), but then I realized that would set me back about 3,500-something so I hijacked my dad’s computer’s keyboard for a while instead (which is the exact same model as my old keyboard).

Anyway, purchases. I came unprepared as I didn’t even know that there was such a convention happening, so I only had a small bit of money with me; hence, the small amount of purchases (though even if I did come prepared, there wasn’t much anyway, since it was mostly crappy Western fare.

What’s funny is that they’re all impulse buys.

Stuff I bought:
Kotobukiya 1/8 Lemmy Miyauchi from ToHeart (Php 400)
Raijin G&A Issue 1, 2, 17 (Php 20 each)
Raijin Comics Issue 3 (Php 50)

The Raijin stuff is like, 4-5 years old, each released weekly; G&A (Game and Anime) tackled mostly Japanese otaku culture-related things, even having a feature on Comiket in one issue, while Comics is pretty much like Shounen Jump.

There were two reasons why I bought the Lemmy figure: (a) it was cheap, and (b) I had a metal trading card featuring her on one side (the other side had all the ToHeart characters, but I didn’t take a picture of it anyways). Overall, quality is pretty much the lowest, compared to others like Kureha (who was actually auctioned off at the con) and Fate, but value just can’t be beat. Three crappy pictures after the jump.

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Gurren Lagann 8


I cried manly tears.

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