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Happy Halloween!

totally fuckable.

Figured it’d be a good excuse to post this.


Whipping Out the Arcade Stick Once More

yes, that is a wooden stool
My new STG setup

Shooters, shmups, STG’s, whatever you call them, have quite a long history in videogames. They were probably the first true genre of videogame, and were pretty much the be all, end all until a decade ago, give or take. Long story short, because people preferred easier games that didn’t hand your ass on a platter 9 out of 10 times, the genre pretty much died out. Except in Japan, where these games are still held in (pretty) high regard (at least, compared to other countries).

Around the end of 2004, if memory serves me right, when I was in Xiamen for an overseas study program, I really got into reading webcomics as a way to pass the time – 2 RMB per hour was a pretty decent rate, and the Uni’s computer lab was practically next-door (and it was) to the dorms. It was around that time that I read dom’s rant which talked a bit about Touhou in one of those Megatokyo strips. Curious, I tried to get the game, but every time I ran Embodiment of Scarlet Devil‘s trial edition in the computers, it’d end up crashing, so I never actually got to playing it until I got home mid-December. Having still been stuck using dial-up, I pretty much stayed up overnight (I fell asleep halfway through anyway) downloading a 40mb file. The same goes for Perfect Cherry Blossom. After that, I was totally into danmaku STG’s. That was a few months ago.

Admittedly, this is one long preamble of a story, so now we get to the actual substance of this entry.

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CHAOS;HEAD 03 Anime – Game Comparison

Just a really quick one before I go to bed – quarterly tests and all. I’ll keep all the unknown-to-first-timer stuff censored, unless you guys don’t mind me spoiling everything.

More or less the same, but with a different viewpoint. Different placements and one nurse less.

The anime sword doesn’t have the presence that the game’s did. Slight variations in design as well.

As is obvious, they take place at different times. If I remember correctly, in the game, Kozue also just stood there staring, rather than having a breakdown.

Yeah, I loved this scene. It doesn’t feel as right when it’s over the shoulder though. Also, I just realized that her eyes are of a different color in the show.

I’m actually worried about the pacing, at this early phase of the show. I’m not totally sure they can squeeze in all of the revelations and the expositions found in the latter (more awesome) part of the game, it’s not always good to keep hopes up, but well, what other purpose do they serve?


Photo of the Week

I figured I ought to try something like this. Perhaps it’ll be a good motivator for me to take pictures.

click for larger version

A shot from my bathroom window. I was a little scared to climb to the roof to get a nicer shot.
For the love of god, somebody get me an EOS 1000D.


Ar Tonelico 2 Site Launched


And it looks just like the original Japanese site too.

This bodes well for the people who’ve been waiting for the localization (ie: me).


Clannad ~After Story~ – Sunohara Arc


This is the first time I felt a tear in the corner of my eye in the series, first season included.

Misae, I look forward to your arc.



[Disclaimer:though it says review, I would say it’s more of a writeup as I’ve yet to get through the A and B routes]

So, CHAOS;HEAD. According to the game’s official site, it’s a “Psycho Suspense Novel Game” and at the same time, a “Delusional Science NVL [Novel]”.

The game is set in Shibuya, year 2008, as a series of strange incidents called “New Generation” have been occurring recently. The first, called the “Group Dive” involves 5 people, who, for no reason, jump to their deaths from a large tower. The second, “Pregnant Man”, involves a dead man whose corpse had a fetus planted inside.
You play as Nishijou Takumi, an high-school student of Suimei Academy and an otaku who is, in all honestly, probably one of the most worthless people you can ever imagine. Being a social recluse, he rejects the third dimension – girls in particular – avoiding them whenever possible, and choosing to spend all his time in watching anime, admiring anime characters, and playing MMO’s like Empire Sweeper Online (Ensue*, for short). He even goes so far as creating a “minimal attendance schedule” in order to graduate with as little contact with other people as possible. And, as the main gimmick of the game, so to speak, you can choose to indulge Takumi in his delusions.
* – I refuse to use “Ensuu” because Ensue just looks better.
While chatting it up with a partymate of yours, Grim, an unknown person named, “Shogun” enters, but does not respond. Afterwards, Grim shows you a link to a doodle of a person with stakes sticking out of his body. He soon after and Shogun responds. He sends you a large number of links – pictures similar to Grim’s but from real life.
One day, as you walk home from school, you somehow stumble into an unknown part of the neighborhood. Hearing a metallic, clanking sound, you slowly, ever so slowly, walk deeper and deeper into a dark alleyway to bear witness to a live “staking”, with a girl wearing the Suimei Uniform. She calls your name, which causes you run away traumatized and screaming. However, this is only part of a much larger, grander scheme of events, all centered on you.

[Spoilers ahead]
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